Sent and Received amounts are equal

Started by Sniper


Sent and Received amounts are equal   28 July 2010, 09:02

...That just about sums it up. For the past while we've been looking for a bandwidth monitor that will do almost exactly what the SoftPerfect BWM will do, and it looks as though we've found it.

We provide internet to customers in a rural area, and we've implemented the trial version of this program into the top of our network. We've got it configured properly from what I can see, and yet this occurred. This is a screen shot of our current rule set. It doesn't show all of the bars, so I apologize. The Source is defined as customers MAC Address, and the Destination is set to "Any (IP) Address".

I'm just looking for a little help, and anything you guys can offer would be much appreciated. If you need any other information / screenshots, I'd be more than happy to provide them!



Sent/Received amounts are equal...   29 July 2010, 07:44

The response to this problem was sent to me via e-mail by SoftPerfect Support.

I'd had it set to process via "Any Interface" under the Ethernet options, after bridging the connections with the program. The quick fix to this was to select one Ethernet card to manage the processing.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm just leaving this message in case others are having the same issue.

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