Mobile NetWorx for Android

Started by DougMacp

Mobile NetWorx for Android   16 February 2011, 02:06

Networx working perfectly on all 3 desktops as usual. Problem now is that we have 3 android mobile phones that are also feeding off the home wi-fi. Is there a possibility there may be a networx mobile app in the future?


Mobile App for android?   16 February 2011, 04:15

Ya I'd like that also... like for Ipod/Pads, would be cool with an Ipad APP that could integrate with the PC version
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Mobile App for android?   17 February 2011, 16:50

Sorry guys, it's unlikely that a mobile version will be available any time soon.

Mobile App for android?   17 March 2011, 03:23 been using Networx for a couple of months now and am very happy with the results.
I have 4 computers (2 desktops wired to the switch, and 2 laptops connected wirelessly) in my network and the purpose for which I downloaded Networx was to monitor the internet traffic on my ADSL so as to keep a tab on my ISP's billing.
I now have a Windows Phone which is currently not being monitored. As a result, I am unable to get accurate readings.
It would be a great advantage if a mobile version is made available.

Thanks for the great software.


Mobile App for android?   25 August 2011, 23:19

Would be GREAT to be able to include Android devices! I'd happily pay for this in the app store if it synced with the PC version smile

Mobile App for android Tablet   26 October 2011, 20:54

Excellent PC app. Yes, really do need the Android app for Tablet. Must have feature is that it syncs with the PC version over WiFi, even if it is a paid app (small fee)

This would give some good support to the developer for allowing free usage of the PC version.

Mobile App for android?   11 May 2012, 07:10

Could we pleasssssse have an app for android and or ios ?? I turn my pc off at night but my ipad is always on, so this is the only way that I could accurately measure router throughput.

Also, it would be an excellent way to make a little cash on the side, which you thoroughly deserve! Networx has no equal...

Can anyone recommend an alternative program for ipad that will monitor and display accumulated totals for router throughput?

Thanks everyone and thanks especially to Networx for a First Class program!
Tracy Tee

Mobile App for android?   11 June 2013, 11:04

I also need a mobile Android version to get the most from the software on my pc. And I would pay also! We have 2 phones feeding off our very limited satellite internet.

Mobile App for android?   29 August 2013, 09:53

An easy solution:

Install any one of the hundreds of wifi traffic monitors available on the play store. Add the number it generates to you networx total and know how much home bandwidth all of your devices have used.

No app needed unless you failed grade 3 math...

Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   28 February 2015, 00:36

This may be an old post but just for anyone else searching for this solution. It is possible to monitor your router via NetWorx. I just enabled SNMP on my router and configured Networx accordingly.

In settings, on the main tab in the monitor interfaces square, click the link that says "Monitor my router rather than this computer".

A lot of routers might not support this. My Asus router has custom firmware fortunately, and it was easy to install. Also, see Tomato Firmware. It is supported by many routers.

Both tomato and my custom Asus firmware support data usage monitoring as well it seems but I am still using NetWorx for the time being.

Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   10 April 2015, 20:53

Hi Don,

Does that method require the PC with Networx to be "on" always (or as long as the Wifi router is on) to listen to SNMP packets? And, Do you get the application wise traffic usage breakup under Usage Report?
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Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   10 April 2015, 23:01

Yes, you do have to keep computer monitoring the router on. The reason for this is even though the router keeps updating its DL/UL counters, they roll over every 4 GB (the maximum value of a 32-bit unsigned integer). If the computer with NetWorx was off for a while, there is no way to tell how many times the counters rolled over while it was off and a correct estimation is not possible.

No, the application view will not be available. The reason is that a router handles network traffic at a lover level where there is no information about applications.

Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   21 August 2015, 22:49

Hi Andrew,

Any further update on NetWorx for Android? Really would like to sync the usage across devices.

PS: Setting up to monitor router using UPnP makes the counters go crazy - reports very high usage more than what many multiples of what my connection supports and the SNMP is not an option for me... no interface to set it actually.
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Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   21 August 2015, 23:11

Sorry, NetWorx for Android isn't available yet and I am afraid it's not likely to be released this year.

Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   10 December 2015, 09:08

I would like to know when nexworx will be disponible on android platform.
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Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   11 December 2015, 11:11

We don't know yet, may be next year. There is a number of other traffic monitoring apps for Android.
Rajesh Kannan

Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   10 August 2016, 00:29

Is it possible to integrate other Android apps with Networx? Many people were looking for a software that synchronise bandwidth usage data for both mobile and PC, which can help us planning the bandwidth usage. Can you recommend any such android app which can work closely with Networx?
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Re: Mobile NetWorx for Android   10 August 2016, 10:02

I am afraid it's not possible to integrate another app with NetWorx. The only option is to have any bandwidth monitoring app on Android and add up its readings to NetWorx readings manually.

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