How to remove tray icon

Started by JohnnyBob


How to remove tray icon   22 April 2011, 01:21

I would like to run Networx in the background but don't want an icon in the tray all of the time. Can the tray icon be removed, temporarily at least?

[Networx 5.1.7, Windows XP Home SP3]

can tray icon be removed   22 April 2011, 05:40

I can't see one, not even in the Hidden Options (Ctrl-O from the Options dialog box).

can tray icon be removed   22 April 2011, 19:06

It's not quite the answer you were hoping for, but have you tried using the settings in Windows for controlling whether icons appear in the tray?

Right click on the Start button, select Properties, go to the Taskbar tab, tick the box marked Hide Inactive Icons then click in the Customise button. Find the Networx icon and set it to Always Hide.

This won't get rid of the icon completely, but it will at least move it into the hidden part of the tray so it won't be visible all the time.

can tray icon be removed   23 April 2011, 06:09

Richard - neat! I hadn't realised you could do that. Thanks.

can tray icon be removed   23 April 2011, 06:40

You're welcome! smile

can tray icon be removed   25 April 2011, 16:01

Thanks Richard. I had forgotten about that option. I had 7 icons in systray but only want to see 2 of them all of the time so hid the others. The main reason is to reclaim space on taskbar. I usually have at least 7-8 apps open and want to view them all simultaneously on taskbar. I don't like it when taskbar automatically puts the icons on a second level requiring scrolling to see them.

I would still recommend to NetWorx developers a new checkbox option in Settings to remove the icon from systray, while still running the software in the background. That's really what I want. But I like NetWorx very much otherwise.
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can tray icon be removed   26 April 2011, 00:23

There's little point in adding such an option because:

1) The icon indicates that NetWorx is running (and it has to be running to meter your traffic). Otherwise you'd have no way of knowing if it's running or not.
2) There is the standard way in Windows to hide any icons.

can tray icon be removed   02 May 2011, 00:11

Turns out that method for modifying the icons appearing in systray is unstable. Occasionally my icons disappeared therefrom and the only way to get them back was to restart that particular application. So that's not a satisfactory solution. I turned it off.

I disagree. The best way would be for NetWorx to offer the option to remove the icon from systray while leaving the software running in background. Then it could be activated from the Start>Programs menu shortcut (or otherwise) whenever user actually wants to view that info. I only want to see it maybe once per week, or less.

Please add   22 July 2012, 03:51

Hi, im agree with JohnnyBob, it will be good if networx had option to hide from systray.
i'm happy to use taskbar deskband.
and like JohnnyBob, im not often monitoring my traffic, but i want networx always calculate my amount traffic, so hide tray icon option will be good for some people.. please add it..

sorry my bad english.. wink
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can tray icon be removed   22 July 2012, 14:44

In order to hide the tray icon, do the following:

1. Go to the NetWorx settings - Main - On tray icon hover display - Version.

2. Hide the NetWorx icon as explained here.

I will add it as an option in NetWorx itself later.

can tray icon be removed   18 October 2012, 06:10

I would love to be able to completely hide the application from the tray area, in Windows 7 if you hide the icon it shows up in the pop-up dialog with all the other system tray icons. If possible could you write a way in to remove it completely, this would streamline the system tray for people who don't hide icons such as myself?
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can tray icon be removed   18 October 2012, 09:06

Added a hidden setting in the latest build.

Change Hide notification area icon at the bottom of the list.

can tray icon be removed   07 November 2012, 09:05

Great work Andrew - Perfect

Appreciate your work!

Dr. Jaber M. Jaber

Re: How to remove tray icon   20 January 2017, 14:08

Dear Sir,
I uninstalled Networx from my Win 7 machine, but I always have "Networx is not running" in the taskbar.
I followed the instructions above but no luck.
Any help, please!
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Re: How to remove tray icon   20 January 2017, 17:32

Right-click an empty area on the taskbar and untick Toolbars - NetWorx Desk Band.

Alternatively just reboot: the uninstaller should remove any leftovers after the restart.

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