"Monitor My Router" setting

Started by Grant Robinson

Grant Robinson

"Monitor My Router" setting   10 December 2012, 08:09

I have a Vigor 2710 modem/router which has some SNMP reporting capacity

In NETWORX when I select MONITOR MY ROUTER, it show the correct IP address for the router in my LAN, but the WAN Interface is blank, and so is the drop down list for WAN Interface.

How do I configure the Vigor or NETWORX to show which computer is chewing up all my bandwidth?

Monitor my router   10 December 2012, 17:50

The SNMP figures from the router will be the total bandwidth used, not by individual computer.

To monitor your router:
The SNMP community name(s) in the router and Networx must be set to the same name. See the 'Hidden Options' in Networx, your modem/router config for SNMP.
You'll also have to configure your software firewall to allow Networx to connect to the router (on port 161).


Monitor my router   28 December 2012, 04:19

FYI - I had the same problem with my router. The "hidden options" mentioned above are found by opening the NetWorx settings and then pressing CTRL + o (letter o) on your keyboard. This will open a window with a number of options in it. Scroll down towards the bottom and look for the "Router SNMP community" option. In the value column, enter the SNMP community string configured on your router. They have to match exactly (case sensitive). Click OK.

As long as your PC is on a trusted network for the router, and the community strings match, you should now see a list of interfaces under WAN Interface. Picking which one to use is tricky. My list has over 10 interfaces listed, like eth0, eth1, eth2, wlan0, mrv3, etc. I guess it depends on the router too. Mine is a Checkpoint router/firewall, but maybe other SOHO routers will have fewer interfaces. So how do you know which one is the "WAN Interface" on the router?

Well, now you need an SNMP utility, like Getif, that will tell you the IP addresses associated with the Interfaces. However, Getif, though a great little program, is no longer being developed. So you need an older OS, like Windows XP to run it. I could not get it to work in Win7 or Win8 - even in compatibility mode. I had to create a Virtual Box VM on my Win8 PC, install Windows XP Pro, then install Getif.! I tried a number of other SNMP utilities, but they did not show the IPs associated with the Interfaces - just the interfaces. Getif is the only one (I could find) that did both.

In any case, back in NetWorx, I entered the private IP of the router (local network IP), using Getif figured out which interface in the list was the "WAN Interface" (eth1) and was able to monitor the router.

Monitor my router   10 January 2013, 01:34


I have an internet satellite connection with a KA-SAT modem and i use a D-link DWR-512 router ( with 3G connection ).
My satellite connection is limited to 16Go/month and I find this sofware very usefull for me.
I configure SNMP "public" as community name on the DWR-512 and i choose "aplci0" for interface.
It seems to work.

Sorry English is not my mother tongue.

Monitor my router   10 January 2013, 08:29


I configure SNMP "public" as community name on the DWR-512

I'd recommend using a community name that's like a password rather than "public", as a security measure. Networx originally provides "public", as do most routers, that makes connecting very easy, but less safe.

If you can, configure the router to require a log in ID and password (not the sane as the community name) and disable the ability to log into the router remotely. If you can, have different log in IDs and passwords for Administrator and non-Admin users to protect the config from being changed by non-Admin users.


Monitor my router   30 April 2013, 18:20

I have a Vigor 2710, too. How do i have to configure the router in the right way? I don´t find SNMP-Comunity in the Router-Menü: [www.draytek.com]

In Networkx(strg+o) the comunity is named: public



Monitor my router   01 May 2013, 03:33

My router config had "public" as the default when received from the supplier so, if you do have SMTP support in the router, it would likely have "public". That would match the Networx default "public" and you should see the router under the WAN interface in Networx. Since you don't see it, the router probably doesn't support SNMP in a way compatible with Networx.
Routers supplied by ISPs often restrict SNMP to their side by using a special community name and by not allowing the end user (you) to access the config to change the name.

Ask your router manufacturer or ISP for information.

Re: Monitor my router   09 February 2015, 00:43

Hi, I have a BT HomeHub 3 and I'm trying to configure Networx to monitor the router. how do I discover the community name of the BTHH3? It doesn't appear to be "public"

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Re: Monitor my router   09 February 2015, 11:11

Perhaps contact the supplier/ISP? Or access the device's settings if these are available.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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