High RAM usage on startup on one computer

Started by Trevor Mallard

Trevor Mallard

High RAM usage on startup on one computer   11 September 2019, 11:55

I have Networx running successfully on 6 of my 7 Windows 7 home computers. On the one computer, there are no other programs running and I have had no other problems with the computer. But after installing and re-installing the latest Networx, on one computer, there is no Icon available through the taskbar and the Networx memory usage is huge and quickly increasing (many GB). I then have to use Windows Task Manager to kill Networx.

I do have Ignore Local Traffic ticked on all installations of Networx, and it only misbehaves on the one. The whole point of Networx, for me, is to track my internet data usage as I have hard monthly limits. So having Local Traffic ignored is essential. Of course without the icon I have no way to even change the settings (which should have carried over from the earlier version).

I have been using Networx for years. This problem only started today when I installed the latest version.
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Re: High RAM usage on startup on one computer   11 September 2019, 12:27

Do I understand correctly that out of 7 computers that had the latest version installed, only one is manifesting this issue?

If that's the case and upon launch NetWorx quickly consumes a lot of memory, the culprit may be a broken installation of WinPCap in your system. WinPCap is a universal packet capture driver that many applications can use, including NetWorx.

NetWorx attempts to use WinPCap if it's present. However if it's broken, it may result in freezing or memory eating like you described. Please check if there is WinPCap listed in your installed applications. It may have come with another application. If it's not there, search the C:\Windows folder for wpcap.dll. Then you can try removing it or installing a fresh version of it.
Trevor Mallard

Re: High RAM usage on startup on one computer   11 September 2019, 21:13

Yes you do understand correctly. Thank you for your reply. The problem turned out to be in the old installation of NetWorx. When I removed the program instead of installing on top of the old, the new installation then worked as it is supposed to. Now I can move on to my second problem, but first I will search the knowledge base and forums before posting.

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