Network connection indicator in the taskbar

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Network connection indicator in the taskbar   05 May 2022, 12:09

I am looking for a tool that could enable me to add a ping monitor to any site (typically Google) and to view it in the taskbar. So, the application would have a taskbar icon that is blue in colour when it runs. However, the ping monitor would place an additional taskbar icon, one that has a variable colour ranging from green (if the net connection is online) to red (if the net connection has gone down).

You have a connection monitor in NetWorx, but it doesn't have this colour feature. In addition, it resides in a different window, which is not as easy to view as a taskbar icon. Is it possible to add this feature to NetWorx? Or, is there something similar available already?
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Re: Network connection indicator in the taskbar   05 May 2022, 12:54

NetWorx does not have custom colour-changing icons for connection status changes. However, there already is a similar built-in feature in Windows. When the connection goes offline, Windows displays a special icon in the notification area. It does not have the exact colours you want, but you still can quickly tell if your connection is online/offline by simply glancing at that icon:

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