Disputed charge: bank account transaction with Networx name

Started by Jeanine Fleming

Jeanine Fleming

Disputed charge: bank account transaction with Networx name   12 January 2006, 01:44

I have been charged $29.95 on my credit card and I don't know what it's for. Networx is the name on the charge and I am clueless to what this is for.

If I need to give you more information, please let me know. The reference number on the charge is: 24269166009070211635452
If this is your company, please forward this message to the proper department.

Jeanine Fleming
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Disputed charge: bank account transaction with Networx name   12 January 2006, 04:02

Occasionally, we are asked about similar charges that have word "networx" in their description, and we still don't know who and why charges cards with the NetWorx name.

Sorry, but we cannot help you with this matter other than assuring you that it wasn't us.
You might check out www.networx.com
They look a little shady as there is no contact info on the home page.
There are many companies that have word 'Networx' in their name or name of their products. For example:
  • www.networx.com - some middleman business for finding home improvement contractors, unknown location.
  • brisbane.networxevents.com.au - marketing and networking events specialists and organisers from Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.
  • networxenterprise.com - Internet security services from Sydney, Australia.
  • networxconstruction.com.au - fibre optic installation and termination company, Sydney, Australia.
  • NetworX - home security alarm systems, made by General Electric.
  • there is Networx property exchange, Networx solutions for federal agencies, Joint Networx trade sponsorship, and even some Networx happy clappers church. The list can go on and on...

NetWorx bandwidth monitoring software made by SoftPerfect is probably the most useful and the oldest entity under NetWorx name. And that is why first search result in Google brings people to here, to www.softperfect.com site.

I've been using SoftPerfect NetWorx for many years and have never been charged for anything. SoftPerfect couldn't possible charge my credit card, because NetWorx software is free and SoftPerfect simple have no way of getting any money out of any NetWorx user's bank account.

I'm sure whoever took your money is not SoftPerfect.

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