NetWoks as a service

Started by George


NetWoks as a service   19 September 2008, 11:06

can/will NetWorks run as a service on a machine with multiple users?
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NetWoks as a service   22 September 2008, 08:18

No, but you can set it up to start automatically when whichever of the users logs in. Normally NetWorx starts automatically onlly when the user who has installed it logs in, but it is possible to make it starting automatically for all users.

NetWoks as a service   12 December 2008, 06:35

The problem is the statistics are not correct if NetWorx only runs if somebody is logged on. I was using an earlier version that wasn't free and it tracked the statistics all the time as long as the machine was running. Am I going to have to switch to a different product to get that result??

NetWoks as a service   25 September 2010, 08:26

I am bumping this OLD thread for the same thing, NetWorx that can run as a service across all users on the desktop.
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NetWoks as a service   26 September 2010, 03:16

It will possibly be implemented in the future.

NetWoks as a service   05 October 2010, 01:29

Would really like the statistics to be 100% accurate, so +1 for this request. I'm using networx to track a dongle and could be quite expensive when part of the traffic is missed and i rely on these statistics to see if i can download a little more or not.

NetWoks as a service   26 April 2011, 10:45

Groan. The core engine part of Networx needs to run as a service.

My network application/game server that uses gobs of bandwidth, runs as a service courtesy of Process Lasso, and no user needs to be logged in for it to be racking up the bandwidth usage.

In fact, I would prefer no user be logged in, because a bunch of pointless stuff loads up and runs when you're logged in as a Windows user, which uses precious CPU cycles.

The problem is if power goes out, or for any other reason the server reboots, and the system starts back up again back to the Windows Login screen, my server will restart just fine in the background as a service thanks to Process Lasso and be back online, but Networx tray app is now totally out of the picture as far as tracking total bandwidth usage and limiting it to the set quota. Which means bang, I lose quota protection entirely.

So my question I guess is... using Process Lasso... can I run networx.exe tray application as a service... or will this fail to load and run then. Sure, I won't be able to access any part of it as it would have no presence on the desktop, but would it run, and would the bandwidth measurement engine be running and the quote rule be functioning and in effect?
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NetWoks as a service   26 April 2011, 14:25

Currently NetWorx isn't designed to run as a service and cannot be run that way (possibly it will in the future).

NetWorx as a service   06 January 2012, 02:33

Networx as a Service

Download Windows 2003 Resource Kit
- Executable: srvany.exe
- Location: C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools (32-bit) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools (64-bit)

1) Install Networx
2) Install Windows Resource Kit into default location (Otherwise you will have to change imgpath after import of registry file)
3) Copy the Registry File between the lines below and save it to your desktop. Than import it
4) Change Application and App Directory to reflect your environment
5) After settings have been modified reboot
6) If you wish to change where the Networx DB is located launch Networx open settings and hit CTRL + O to show hidden settings

NOTE: You will see the users SYSTEM under the User Statistics now. If you wish to record a specific User account change the Service to run as that user.

Works on Windows 2008 R2 64-bit so any other Windows Version should

---- Begin Regfile ------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"DisplayName"="Networx Monitor"
"Description"="SoftPerft Networx - Free Bandwidt Monitoring and Usage Reporting"

"Application"="C:\\Program Files\\NetWorx\\networx.exe"
"AppDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\NetWorx\\"

---- End File -----

NetWoks as a service   13 January 2012, 15:52

NSSM, the Non-Sucking Service Manager, is so much nicer than srvany.exe, though:

NetWoks as a service   03 February 2012, 12:14

does anyone already try workaround posted up there?
is it posible to run two application together? one as a service, and one for displaying graph window.

went developing this feature, i think it is better to split the program into two.
one for collecting data, run as a service.
the other to display graph window, run when a user logged on.

hope it will realized soon smile
have using this apps since version 5.0.7

NetWorx as a service   11 February 2012, 10:06

BG Wrote:
> Networx as a Service
> NOTE: You will see the users SYSTEM under the User
> Statistics now. If you wish to record a specific
> User account change the Service to run as that
> user.

This seems to run fine. I've set it up per the reg file. A couple of questions though;

"should" I change the user to the user that I log on as? What does the user SYSTEM imply? That all users will be monitored or only traffic for the user "system" will be monitored?

Networkx is current set to load at windows start up. Should I disable that? Does running it as a service and loading at windows start up create the potential for duplicating data?
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NetWoks as a service   11 February 2012, 16:50

All users will be monitored, however their usage will be recorded as SYSTEM. This is because when it's run as a service, it does not know anything about users.

I recommend to run the portable build as service rather than the installable one.

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