Fixed Y-axis not working

Started by John


Fixed Y-axis not working   25 October 2008, 21:56


I installed NetWorx on my vista computer today and tried to use the y-axis scale fixer but it seems to have no effect on the graph. For some reason my net randomly spikes to impossible speeds (eg. sometimes it would spike to 100MB/s transfer which is impossible for adsl2+ as my max dl speed is 1.5MB/s).

Anyways, the graph will then auto scale itself to that large number and my real speed looks very small and unreadable.

Can you please tell me why my y-axis fixer isn't working

Thank you
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Fixed Y-axis not working   25 October 2008, 23:58

The Y-axis fixed scale works as follows. If the current graph values are lower than the fixed value, the graph displays the fixed value at the top. However, if the current graph values exceed the fixed value, the graph has to scale to illustrate a sudden spike occurred. Perhaps we should change this behaviour to fully fixed scale.

Update: I have just uploaded a fixed build of the software. Now the scale is truly fixed and won't move under any circumstances.

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