Usage statistics stored in Windows registry?

Started by Robin


Usage statistics stored in Windows registry?   31 October 2008, 01:38


I have a question, are the usage statistics stored in the windows registry? If yes, then how about storing them in a file in the installation directory?

Why? Well, here's my situation, I've got another person with a user account on my XP machine I didn't install NetWorkx in that account, instead, I use the same one installed in my account. Now, even though we both use the same internet connection, each account shows its own statistics and I have to add them up to find the total bandwidth we used together.

Now, If the stats were stored in a file in the installation directory of NetWorkx, then each time NetWorkx is launched it will continue to count from when it was last used.

I hope I haven't confused you or anything. So what I'm really asking is that instead of the Statistics being stored in the registry, how about storing it in a file (which is continuously updated) in the installation directory?
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Usage statistics stored in Windows registry?   31 October 2008, 03:18

Yes, they are stored in the registry. However, your suggestion does make sense. We will consider adding an option to let the user choose where to store the usage statistics and whether it is shared among users on the same machine or not. Thanks!

Update: This has been implemented in version 4.5 and is available for download here.

Usage statistics stored in Windows registry?   10 November 2008, 01:13

Thanks for implimenting the feature smile
Downloading now.

Great work.

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