bandwidth outbound to the net

Started by scottie


bandwidth outbound to the net   04 December 2008, 09:16

anyone know how or with any other program to only monitor traffic from my computer going out to the net? so i'm trying to figure out bandwidth information only going to the net or my default gateway and filter out any internal traffic?

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bandwidth outbound to the net   04 December 2008, 12:31

Our Softperfect Bandwidth Manager can do that and provides flexible IP filters and statistics.

bandwidth outbound to the net   04 December 2008, 19:12

this looks great, but it seems as i would either have to do some sort of port mirroring on the switch or really change my network topoligy. currently our servers are connected to a switch which is then connected to our outbound firewall, a cisco asa 5510. it seems this is for a device such as the microsoft ISA server?

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