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Re: How to configure the Emulator

3 days ago, by Andrew in Connection Emulator Forum

If there is activity when the filter is off, there are two possibilities: The filter is not correct or it doesn't match your device's traffic. If you could provide more details on how you defined the filter and what protocol your device uses, I may be able to tell more; or With NIC A and NIC B both plugged into the router, the device's traffic may never reach the emulator. When you turn the fi

Re: VLAN info Alactel 6400

4 days ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

It is hard to tell without having physical access to this particular switch. We have just ordered Alcatel 6400 and will test the software with it once it has arrived. This may take a few days. Are you using the latest version, 3.0.2?

Re: How to configure the Emulator

4 days ago, by Andrew in Connection Emulator Forum

Perhaps the filter doesn't match the protocol details the device is using. How about running the bridge with the filter turned off? Anything shown under Network Flow?

Re: Monitoring Microsoft updates traffic

5 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

I know, we did have plans to implement NetWorx as a service, but we eventually decided not to do it. Doing so would essentially mean a complete rewrite of the product since it's too tied to being a regular app. At the same time, there are no obvious benefits other than monitoring usage when no one is logged in. As you suggested, DU Meter should be a viable alternative for those who really nee

Re: Filters currently installed have reached the limit

5 days ago, by Andrew in Connection Emulator Forum

By default Windows artificially limits your system to a maximum of eight filter drivers. If you already have eight and try to install a package with another, it won't work and will display the above message. You could either uninstall some applications and their filter drivers, or a simple Registry edit might do the trick. Just open regedit.exe and go to: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr

Re: Monitoring Microsoft updates traffic

6 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Such "unawareness" of Windows updates may be happening because NetWorx runs as a regular application, not as a service. This means it can miss traffic that occurs before a user logs in, for example, automatic updates downloaded by the operating system itself.

Re: Step-by-step instructions for first-time users

8 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Yes, for a quick start please see our beginner's guide: Increasing PC performance with a RAM Disk. For more advanced information, we have the RAM Disk user manual.

Re: Some proxy traffic is not recorded

10 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

It's a little hard to understand what exactly you are doing with that proxy conversion, but the explanation of the outcome is simple: as computer A receives data from computer B, from the point of view of NetWorx it's a local connection whose traffic is disregarded. This could be worked around by either removing computer B IP address from the excluded ranges (the Setup button next to Ignore lo

Re: Feature request: Finer timespan selection in the Applications tab

11 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Done in the latest build, please feel free to test it and provide your feedback. Double-click an entry in the Per day, Per Week, Per Month or Custom reports, or under Hourly Rates, and the Applications tab will reveal what was used during that time frame.

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

16 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

A possible implementation of the "split" mode looks a little complicated. As there seems to be no way to find out how much memory can be allocated from a specific node, we wouldn't know how much to ask for to ensure the allocation succeeds. Let's say, we have a 100 GB RAM 2 CPU machine, 90 GB are free and we want a 85 GB RAM Disk. Things might proceed this way: Node A has 50 GB fr

Re: Large number of stopping threads

18 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Sorry I am not sure what went wrong there, but it's best not to change any settings with Live Display on. The reason for that is many settings may unexpectedly affect its operation when an old parameter suddenly receives a new value. As a precaution, we will probably disable settings access while Live Display is active (in the same way it is disabled during scanning).

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

19 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

There is a setting accessible via the Advanced button that lets you choose which NUMA node to allocate memory from. It's only enabled on a multiprocessor machines though. Is this what you were asking for?

Inconsistent graph background colours - Fixed

22 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for pointing this issue out. We've just fixed it and you are welcome to download and try the new build. It should now all be consistent:

Re: Application closes suddenly

25 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

There seems to be an in issue with the Microsoft's functionality sitting in PDH.DLL, which we are using to display the performance counter selection dialog. When we were testing this function, we encountered some odd memory errors (which in your case seem to lead to a program crash). It turns out this Microsoft DLL is full of bugs; someone else confirmed it in their article and there is more i

Re: Feature request: Sticky columns

25 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

That's a good idea, and we have just implemented it. It is possible to freeze/make sticky more than one column, but they all must be moved to the left, as shown below. See menu View - Freeze Columns and View - Unfreeze Columns.

Re: Multiline Display Mode for long strings

4 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Excellent question. The multiline setting simply breaks down long values and displays them over a few lines. Example:

Re: Boot-time RAM disk delay

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

In this case, the mount sequence had started at boot time and continued until the moment you logged in. It does not prevent the system from continuing booting or displaying a login screen. Try booting the system and waiting 1-2 minutes before logging in: the disk should be fully ready by that stage.

Re: RAMdisk size became limited to 4095 MB after Windows 10 1809 update

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Have you rebooted the computer after installing the 4.0.8 update? The reboot is necessary for the drivers to be replaced. If you have rebooted, and the error is still present, it is probably some other issue. In that case please submit a support ticket and attach screen shots and more details about your system, e.g. total RAM and Windows build number.

Re: Tracking down unexplained data usage

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

The Monitor my router rather than this computer option records usage data directly on the router's Internet interface. These records include all devices connected to the router and should be the closest to what ISP reports. There a few issues with this method though: The router must support SNMP polling or certain features in its UPnP implementation. There is no break down by device, there is

Re: NetScan access protection

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

I may not be quite sure what exactly you want to achieve, but encrypting config files would require some kind of master password to be entered every time the application is used. This is not something we'd like to add due to the difficulty of implementing encryption correctly and its effect on software export restrictions between jurisdictions. If the security of config files is a concern for

Re: RAMdisk in virtual memory

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

The 'Rapid' isn't a new version I am afraid, but rather a custom build for our Japanese partners who market it in Japan under a different name. We consider the RAM Disk product to be feature-complete, i.e. it does the job and does it well. Not much else can be added to it feature-wise. Having said that, we are open to suggestions on the product improvements. One of the things still planned to

Re: Extreme Network switch stack

8 weeks ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

Just this week we have received a similar report about a HUAWEI switch and SNMPv3. I think we have fixed that, so could you please try the following? Download the latest debug build of the portable version. Unpack it to a folder. Launch it as NSMapGUI.exe --debug-log=test.log It should work just fine, but if not please post test.log here or submit a support ticket.

Re: RAMdisk in virtual memory

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

In the end, both virtual and physical memory end up being the physical RAM. Virtual memory is simply an abstraction that represents a contiguous address space, see this article in Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation. In the Windows kernel world we can choose whether to use virtual memory or physical memory. The former is easier to use, the latter is faster due to the absence of abstracti

Re: How to turn data collection off

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Sure, you can simply mark all hours as unmetered. The Graph will still work, but the usage data won't be shown.

Re: Using RAM Disk to speed up video editing

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

You can of course, but the gains in productivity will really depend on the editing software you are using. If the software creates a lot of temporary files in Windows %TEMP% folder, or if it can be configured to use a specific drive for its cache, then RAM Disk can be beneficial. Simply speaking, a RAM disk is just a very fast disk-like device backed by RAM. It will benefit applications and op

Re: Accidentally entered a wrong IP address and got scan results for it

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

The 192.160.x.x entries you are seeing are regular servers and other devices on the Internet with those addresses. They are not in your network. Local or private addresses fall into one of these ranges: – – – Anything outside these rages belongs to so-called routable addresses on the Internet, so scanning

Re: Suggestion: Jump to a device based on keyboard input

2 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thanks, that's a good idea and we have just implemented it. Please download and try latest build. It should search across all columns as you type. One caveat: the tree must be in focus (via a mouse click) for the search to work.

Re: Initialisation of VVLIB failed

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Thanks for the compliment to our RAM Disk. All in all, we're striving to implement every bit of performance improvement in it, so another thing you could try with the latest (paid) version is the exFAT file system. In our tests it performed 10-15% faster than NTFS.

Re: Suggestion: Add maximum upload and download speed to the reports

2 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Thanks, makes sense. We'll review this and possibly implement soon.

Re: Initialisation of VVLIB failed

2 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

It is unfortunately hard to tell without knowing how the other application implements memory allocations. As far as I remember we were having issues with allocating large blocks (>4 GB) from virtual memory and decided to use the physical one. Though if the other application performs better for you, why not just use it?...