SoftPerfect Network Scanner Changelog

  • Added: Quick WMI class/property search.
  • Added: Additional MAC address display formats.
  • Added: Master password and configuration encryption support.
  • Improved: Multiple windows that contain lists are now resizable.
  • Improved: Remote time is now displayed in the local time zone instead of UTC.
  • Added: Enhanced device recognition through online queries.
  • Added: Instant multi-value matching filter implemented as regex.
  • Improved: Shorter timeouts for FTP probing, host name resolution, and WMI.
  • Improved: Retention of host names post-IP conversion.
  • Improved: WQL editor shows sample WMI data for root namespaces and children.
  • Improved: Main window title now shows current user's admin status.
  • Fixed: Issue with assigning friendly names for multiple keys.
  • Added: User-configurable toolbar.
  • Added: Column grouping for enhanced main view organisation.
  • Added: Splitting of multi-value cells into rows in CSV and TXT exports.
  • Added: Direct access to multi-value column entries in device properties.
  • Added: New PowerShell, SSH and WQL editors with highlighting and execution features.
  • Improved: Multi-value cells are now marked with an icon for quick recognition.
  • Improved: Double-click functionality on multi-value cells for viewing contents as a list.
  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: ARM64 architecture support.
  • Added: Search functionality within settings.
  • Added: Geolocation capabilities for public IP addresses.
  • Improved: Extended error information for failed WMI logins.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Improved: Access to bookmarks and dynamic menu items in the navigator.
  • Added: scan progress bar for each IP address.
  • Added: pending operation time in device properties.
  • Improved: dark mode appearance on Windows.
  • Fixed: sorting by remote time.
  • Added: users can now link associated data, such as device location and asset tag, to MAC or IP addresses for aiding in tracking and management.
  • Improved: import of previously exported data now offers a choice to merge with, append to, or replace existing data.
  • Improved: several minor user interface elements have been redesigned to enhance the user experience and streamline the workflow.
  • Added: custom regular expression patterns for matching and highlighting the data displayed in columns.
  • Added: the ability to set and clear custom row highlighting for faster distinguishing of important information displayed in rows.
  • Added: credentials tags for efficient identification and use of saved credentials in scripts and external applications.
  • Improved: redesigned credential manager, with added columns and sorting functionality.
  • Improved: EXE files are now dynamically based, which ensures their compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP).
  • Fixed: index of bounds error and subsequent crash that occurred at re-scanning of a single column.
  • Fixed: incorrect MAC addresses that were displayed when scanning external subnets.
  • Added: automatic SMTP settings.
  • Added: fetching SSL certificate details.
  • Added: import/export of credentials.
  • Fixed: crash in HTTP banner detection.
  • Added: dark theme support on Windows 10/11.
  • Improved: displaying new device count in icon overlay.
  • Improved: reading installed apps from 32-bit registry.
  • Fixed: missing V3UserName in SNMP script object.
  • Improved: safe sharing of the portable edition over the network.
  • Improved: independent font settings for columns and data.
  • Improved: retention of the sorting order.
  • Improved: number of user filters increased to 10.
  • Fixed: import of CSV files with unquoted values.
  • Fixed: DHCP discovery on macOS.
  • Added: basic filter editing for saved filters.
  • Fixed: reading non-Latin chars from console programs.
  • Fixed: rare crash when deleting nodes with enabled Live Display.
  • Changed: minimum OS version is now macOS 10.8 or Windows 7.
  • Changed: removed dependency on OpenSSL for sending e-mails.
  • Added: WS-Discovery support to locate services in a local network.
  • Added: separate setting for maximum number of threads in live display.
  • Added: scan result export to SQLite database for further processing.
  • Improved: UPnP discovery allows to scan detected devices and shows device type.
  • Improved: scanning for shares on macOS detects disk space, writability and security.
  • Fixed: filter display in the recent list if only one filter was defined.
  • Fixed: applications sorting order when a new item is added.
  • Fixed: resolution of non-ASCII computer names.
  • Improved: list headings appearance on macOS.
  • Fixed: speed degradation in text search.
  • Fixed: configuration file import from version 6.x.
  • Fixed: settings getting lost after minimisation to the notification area.
  • Fixed: IPv6 addresses are now quoted in brackets for external apps.
  • Fixed: opening of applications using keyboard hot keys.
  • Fixed: sorting of applications and unintended duplication of items.
  • Fixed: missing applications for browsing shared folders (with %1).
  • Added: macOS support, the application is now almost entirely cross-platform.
  • Added: new SMB library for accessing shared folders independently of Windows API.
  • Changed: new JSON, XML and regex parsers may use slightly different expression syntax.
  • Changed: significant internal changes and optimisations, faster application start and operation.
  • Added: SNMPv3 support in router MAC address discovery.
  • Added: option to include/exclude ports in Nmap scans.
  • Added: new menu for creating instant filters from scan results.
  • Added: active filter applied during scanning.
  • Fixed: vanishing shares when saving and excluding unrelated columns.
  • Added: quick search for devices in WOL manager.
  • Added: host name auto-collection in WOL manager.
  • Improved: startup time and overall scan performance.
  • Fixed: controls misalignment on high resolutions.
  • Fixed: crash caused by live display log pointing to an invalid location.
  • Added: wildcard support in Equal/Not Equal filters.
  • Added: new regex filter for advanced filtering of results.
  • Added: new menu item to remove all inactive devices at once.
  • Improved: discovered devices can now be deleted during scanning.
  • Improved: a number of smaller enhancements in the user interface.
  • Added: new repetitions display settings: As Is, Fold and Hide.
  • Added: AES-192 and AES-256 ciphers support in SNMPv3.
  • Fixed: occasional erroneous characters in OIDs fetched via SNMP.
  • Fixed: occasional division by zero error during SNMPv3 time sync.
  • Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
  • Added: search for alternate paths in remote registry using wildcard queries.
  • Added: built-in registry browser for a quick lookup of paths and parameters.
  • Added: navigator in Help menu to quickly find a setting or command.
  • Improved: new system-independent implementation of HTTP and HTTPS access.
  • Improved: suppression of domain resolution messages when using command line.
  • Added: full UTF-8 support in SNMP replies for handling non-ASCII characters.
  • Added: use of mDNS and SNMP for device name resolution when everything else fails.
  • Added: a button in the save dialog for choosing columns in text, CSV and HTML export.
  • Added: variables %0 (IP address) and %1 (MAC address) octets of which can be used in SNMP OID.
  • Added: built-in SNMP scripting object for custom queries to any SNMP-capable device.
  • Fixed: column regex use when referring to scripting columns from a script.
  • Fixed: trailing commas are no longer written to CSV files at the end of each line.
  • Added: quick filter in friendly names, bookmarks and display filters.
  • Added: secure WMI connection support for accessing restricted namespaces.
  • Improved: downloading OUI.TXT mappings file for NIC vendor lookup.
  • Fixed: columns losing hidden status when their settings were changed.
  • Fixed: crash when closing and aborting scan with Live Display on.
  • Added: quick filter in credential manager and third-party applications.
  • Added: quick filter in Remote WMI, SSH, SNMP, etc and virtual columns.
  • Added: command to start/stop background scan (Live Display) on demand.
  • Added: export of results to a file upon completion of each Live Display round.
  • Improved: permit device deletion when Live Display is running.
  • Improved: saving/loading multi-clause filters and their UI layout.
  • Added: frozen columns support under the View main menu item.
  • Added: XPath Query Builder for Remote XML and Nmap Integration features.
  • Added: multiline display mode for long strings.
  • Added: incremental search across output columns.
  • Added: process class in scripting for handling output of console applications.
  • Added: integration with Nmap with OS detection, vulnerability scans and much more.
  • Added: configurable background colour and text colour in column headers.
  • Added: custom e-mail sender in e-mail settings.
  • Added: drag-n-drop of computers from Windows Explorer's Network to Network Scanner's main view.
  • Improved: virtual columns can now be used as keys for mapping friendly names.
  • Improved: live notifications expanded to four types (online, offline, new MAC, changed IP).
  • Improved: retention of column metadata and width when changing multi-column items.
  • Improved: output of scripted columns made available to the scripts themselves.
  • Improved: MAC address resolution via SNMP, added SNMPv2c and IPv6 address support.
  • Improved: column limit of each type increased from 10 to 50, the /maxcols switch abolished.
  • Improved: rescanning limited to the target column when rescanning a column in multi-column group.
  • Added: implemented [*] as array index in JSON query.
  • Added: regex replacement support for column data.
  • Added: support for NPcap without WinPCap compatibility installed.
  • Improved: friendly names can now map to any column.
  • Added: configurable delay between live display rescan rounds.
  • Added: setting to show filtered/online/offline devices in the status bar.
  • Added: MIB browser for easy OID selection in SNMP queries.
  • Added: Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Added: Remote JSON feature for retrieving and parsing JSON responses from network devices.
  • Added: access to Redfish Scalable Platforms Management built on top of Remote JSON.
  • Added: Portuguese (Brazil) as a supported UI language.
  • Added: HTTPS protocol support in Remote XML.
  • Added: WMI monitor information example script.
  • Added: DNS resolver object for use in scripts.
  • Added: Dutch and Swedish UI languages.
  • Improved: all graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Changed: when rescanning, virtual columns dependent regular columns are automatically updated and vice versa.
  • Fixed a startup error when non-English user interface was selected.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a config with higher than standard column count.
  • Added UI languages: French, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish.
  • Fixed a software exception on Windows XP.
  • Added displaying Time to live (TTL) for ping.
  • Added filter management with favourite filters.
  • Added an option to lookup NetBIOS names only.
  • Added UI languages: German, Czech, Chinese, Japanese.
  • In console mode show UI messages and prompts in the console.
  • Fixed occasional "Cannot register tab" error.
  • Added synchronous I/O cancellation for faster thread stopping.
  • Added multilingual user interface support (more languages to come).
  • Added "Mark All/None" in visible columns setup.
  • Added configurable font styles in column display settings.
  • Added support of column reference in column value highlight.
  • Fixed poor drawing performance issue in older 7.0.x versions.
  • Added terminal sessions enumeration under the Additional tab.
  • Added a choice of "all", "selected" and "displayed" devices to save.
  • Added shared folder comment display next to workstation comment.
  • Added [Eye] button to reveal passwords and removed the /openpass switch.
  • Added faster multi-threaded live scan to replace old single-threaded one.
  • Fixed a display issue with apps user prompts and MAC address SNMP settings.
  • Added built-in Telnet object that can be used in scripting.
  • Added key-based authentication for Remote SSH connections.
  • Added a way to choose custom colours in row and column highlight.
  • Added a way to disregard names among logged users or user accounts.
  • Added a way to access column values from a script and a usage example.
  • Added JScript support in addition to VBScript under Remote Scripting.
  • Added auto-complete features in the script editor (Ctrl+Space to invoke).
  • Added improved script debugging with user input prompted on the go.
  • Added keeping sort order when a device is discovered in Live Display.
  • Added quick access from columns related to the global settings.
  • Added virtual columns to manipulate values from other columns.
  • Added exporting per share security information in HTML report.
  • Added wildcard support in remote registry for broad value search.
  • Added quick access to column queries (right-click column heading).
  • Added looking up MAC addresses through WMI.
  • Added SNMP Context Name support in SNMPv3.
  • Improved display of SNMP v1/v2c/v3 responses in a uniform way.
  • Improved free-form IP address input now accepts reversed ranges.
  • Fixed sorting that didn't take into account regular expressions.
  • Fixed showing tree context menu when the key was used instead of mouse.
  • Fixed choosing visible columns in Scan Comparison with reordered columns.
  • Enhanced Visible Columns dialog to show formatting and reorder multiple columns
  • Enhanced public IP address detection to obtain both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Added showing highest IP address for input in CIDR notation.
  • Added copy command in Detect Address dialog.
  • Added entering scan information from a string.
  • Added Remote Scripting - execute VBScript against remote devices.
  • Added default items for uptime in Remote Performance and WMI.
  • Minor user interface fixes for systems with high DPI screens.
  • The Network Scanner is now commercial software. To facilitate its further development, we introduced a licence fee.
  • Added viewing and saving discarded lines to a file during IP address import.
  • Added automatic caching of successful logins to speed-up scanning.
  • Added preview and customisable filters for Active Directory import.
  • Added passing PowerShell scripts as Base-64 to wrap DOS-unfriendly symbols.
  • Added new expressions "Less than" and "Greater than" to the filter conditions.
  • Added conditional column highlighting if a row value meets a specific criterion.
  • Added a list of disregarded account names in User and Group Membership queries.
  • Added a simple Yes/No test for file or folder existence in Remote Files.
  • Added large toolbar and menu icons for systems with screen DPI of 192 or more.
  • Fixed an issue with saving columns order as in some cases they weren't remembered.
  • Added create/modify/access time retrieval in Remote Files.
  • Added getting host names from a DNS server for offline nodes.
  • Fixed quoting variables if those are used within quotes already.
  • Fixed the tab key to go through filters in addition to IP editors.
  • Added installation package as a form of distribution in addition to the portable build.
  • Added workaround for using Win10Pcap in duplicate IP finder due to an incompatibility.
  • Added /openpass command line switch to reveal stored passwords within the UI.
  • Added downloading sanitised OUI.TXT from LinuxNet.CA rather than the IEEE web-site.
  • Fixed initialisation of NIC and port databases if they were enabled just before rescan.
  • Added a last-seen time column similar to what previously was scan-time.
  • Added showing adapter name next to responses received from DHCP servers.
  • Fixed taking filter into account when automatically saving to the MRU file.
  • Added choosing what columns are retained when a device goes off-line.
  • Added extracting serial and model from EDID descriptors in monitor info.
  • Added a PowerShell option that allows not to load the current user's profile.
  • Added showing how long a device has been on-line/off-line under Last Scan Time.
  • Fixed a crash message if a device was deleted from the main view while scanning.
  • Added combined option not to scan network and broadcast addresses.
  • Added a progress bar when checking if device is up on launching a command.
  • Added showing current config name in the title bar when using an external file.
  • Added optional comment field to each user name in the credential manager.
  • Added an option to show the bookmark name that displayed IP address falls into.
  • Fixed maintaining row order when copying to the clipboard and creating a batch file.
  • Fixed string sorting in columns, which also fixes reporting TCP port numbers in order.
  • Fixed Live Display handling of a CIDR adress range as wrong addresses were scanned.
  • Fixed issues in UI: remote items selection, use the "device" term instead of "computer".
  • Changed logged-on user retrieval from Win32_LoggedOnUser to Win32_ComputerSystem.
  • Fixed a PSCredential authentication error in Remote PowerShell.
  • Fixed WMI parser that failed on statemements containing the WHERE clause.
  • Fixed Live Display and Rescanning when duplicate IP addresses were present.
  • Added getting a list of logged-on users via WMI if all other methods fail.
  • Added automatic encoding detection when parsing a HTML page in Remote XML.
  • Added a new Rescan option to rescan both listed and undiscovered computers.
  • Added a Scan Comparison tool to highlight differences between any two scans.
  • Added the Remote SSH feature to execute commands in a shell.
  • Added JSON support on command line to enable export to JSON.
  • Added support of host names as a target in the WOL manager.
  • Added measuring round trip time for ARP-discovered devices.
  • Added an option to show succeeded ping type, i.e. ICMP or ARP.
  • Fixed text export output with aligned space-padded columns.
  • Fixed occasional empty MAC addresses shown in the output.
  • Fixed a crash if the config was corrupted, instead recreate it.
  • Added probing UDP ports 1434-MSSQL and 1812-RADIUS.
  • Fixed occasional empty MAC addresses shown in the output.
  • Fixed painting the progress bar to make the resize grip visible.
  • Fixed indicating progress when rescanning a specifc column on selected devices.
  • Fixed minimised launch and respecting the Minimise to the Notification Area setting.
  • Fixed asking to download the service mapping DB when the TCP port scan option was turned off.
  • Added showing column visibility setup if no columns are visible.
  • Added using GET method instead of HEAD for grabbing HTTP banners.
  • Added a CIDR-to-range button to change address range representation.
  • Added saving results to a JSON file in addition to XML, CSV, HTML and text.
  • Added highlighting new devices found in live scan and scan for new devices.
  • Added all/v4/v6 options for the /range switch to enable automatic detection.
  • Fixed an Invalid Pointer Operation error when using live display for a long time.
  • Added CIDR notation input for IPv4 and IPv6 in addition to ranges.
  • Added parsing of IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR notation in IP/Hostname import.
  • Added Remote PowerShell support to run scripts on remote computers.
  • Added an option to allow ARP outside current subnet.
  • Added adapter name in the auto detection dialog.
  • Added official Windows 10 support.
  • Added menu items for nested bookmarks to apply bookmarks as a group.
  • Added showing the contents of a regex capture group rather than a match itself.
  • Added basic HTTP authentication support for Remote XML to access protected devices.
  • Fixed stripping control characters that could leak into columns. Improved saving columns.
  • Fixed crash on systems not supporting IPv6 where IPv6 related options were enabled.
  • Fixed crash when launched from a task scheduler with no visible desktop and taskbar.
  • Fixed an issue with MAC-based friendly names during rescanning and adding new names.
  • Fixed sending ARP requests outside current subnet to resolve MAC addresses.
  • Fixed using old IP addresses in DHCP Discovery and the IP detection dialog.
  • Added support for multiple ranges on the /range command line switch.
  • Added checkmarks allowing to show/hide third-party applications.
  • Added a built-in credential manager and "try-all-logins" feature.
  • Added password encryption in config files (except SNMP passwords).
  • Added a custom font option for the main view in the settings.
  • Added an option to strip domain names out of group membership output.
  • Added sorting and rearranging bookmarks in the bookmark manager.
  • Fixed XML parser error with multiple nodes in UPnP discovery.
  • Fixed import errors with host names that contain dashes.
  • Fixed painting odd/even rows and loading in-folder config files.
  • Fixed transposing default WOL address when converting old config.
  • Added service name lookup to display a service name rather than port number.
  • Added a progress indicator in downloading MAC address and service definitions.
  • Added DHCPv6 server discovery and their AD status.
  • Fixed friendly names conversion from the previous version.
  • Fixed application variables conversion from the previous version.
  • Fixed an issue when scanning for LAN group and NetBios was used.
  • Added complete IPv6 support: a range scan and neighbour discovery.
  • Added authentication when enumerating shares, not only when testing writability.
  • Added getting a list of installed applications read from the registry.
  • Heaps of tweaks and fixes throughout the application.
  • Added automatic OUI.txt downloading and updating for NIC vendor lookup.
  • Added reading registry via WMI if the Remote Registry service is not available.
  • Added domain names displayed with user names in local group membership query.
  • Added detecting external IP address from LAN address detection dialog.
  • Fixed reading EDID monitor info via the Remote Registry service.
  • Fixed freeze when launched from a task scheduler via a batch file.