SoftPerfect NetGenius Changelog

  • Improved: taskbar flicker reduction on some Windows machines.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph recreation if Windows Explorer crashes.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph positioning on Windows 10/11 22H2.
  • Added: taskbar graph in Windows 11.
  • Added: global limit setting for uploads and downloads.
  • Fixed: error message caused by the quick incremental search typing.
  • Added: floating network activity graph.
  • Added: dark theme support on Windows 10/11.
  • Added: Reset command in usage reports to delete past usage data.
  • Added: Open File Location command for processes and in usage reports.
  • Improved: Application Blocking window is now resizable and fits more data.
  • Improved: per hour usage is shown automatically without having to choose a day.
  • Added: new menu item for excluding certain processes from monitoring.
  • Improved: compatibility with VPN clients and similar network filters.
  • Improved: extended user preference of bits or bytes to connection limit settings.
  • Added: new functionality for renaming computers in the GUI.
  • Improved: saving of the usage window size and column width.
  • Improved: increased chart density for displaying more data.
  • Added: multilingual interface.
  • Added: manual blocking of applications and file system locations.
  • Added: compact mode for taskbar extension with a show/hide chart setting.
  • Improved: smooth font rendering in taskbar extension.
  • Improved: taskbar extension font customisation.
  • Improved: higher accuracy of domain names extracted from HTTP and SNI.
  • Improved: a few UI enhancements throughout the application.
  • Added: displaying geographical location of connected IP addresses.
  • Added: displaying host names instead of IP addresses where possible.
  • Improved: Taskbar Extension appearance on small taskbars.
  • Added: process pinning for keeping an eye on selected applications.
  • Improved: better usage graph for vertical mode of taskbar extension.
  • Improved: reduced CPU usage when no limits or priorities are defined.
  • Added: unit preference display (byte/s or bit/s).
  • Fixed: network packet loops with certain third-party filters.
  • Our new product! A modern Internet connection management tool.