SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager Changelog

  • Improved: significant performance optimisations (over 1 Gbps).
  • Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
  • Updated: the DPI engine with new supported protocols.
  • Updated: the underlying database engine and OpenSSL.
  • Added: a move command for group entries.
  • Updated: underlying DB engine with performance enhancements.
  • Fixed: IP address input fields under certain DPI settings.
  • Added: group setting for clearing expired individual addresses.
  • Added: host name shown next to stream IP addresses when using tracking.
  • All graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Updated the DPI library and database engine to the latest versions.
  • Added automatic change-check and reload of the database if it was modified.
  • Added strict validation of parameters passed to the drivers for enhanced security.
  • Fixed Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) task offload issue in the network drivers.
  • Added time to the dates that define when a rule is active.
  • Added custom beginning of week and month for each quota.
  • Updated included copy of OpenSSL for improved security.
  • Fixed sending e-mails with TLS/STARTTLS and included OpenSSL binaries in the package.
  • Fixed that minute quotas were never reset when reduced rate was "Blocked" or "Suspended".
  • Fixed refreshing the main view with a dialog open which could result in an error message.
  • Added showing group comments for tracked streams in the main view and real-time monitor.
  • Added sorting streams by their IP or MAC address in the main view when tracking is on.
  • Added Microsoft-signed drivers for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.
  • Fixed an issue with debug output that could reduce driver performance.
  • Fixed a Hyper-V switch detachment issue that could end with driver error.
  • Fixed a task offload issue with 10 Gbps network interfaces.
  • Added Bluetooth media type and Bluetooth LAN support.
  • Fixed potential errors in search when a rule is deleted or ruleset reloaded.
  • Added password-protected limited access with selectively permitted actions.
  • Added automatic service restart if a critical error occurs.
  • Added ability for the service to use a custom port via a registry setting.
  • Fixed initial sorting in the Global Usage Report to descending.
  • Updated underlying database engine SQLite to the latest version.
  • Added the {RULE_NAME} tag in e-mail notifications.
  • Added deleting more than one group entry at once.
  • Added setting fixed prefixes for rates and volumes.
  • Added colour settings for one-way and inactive rules.
  • Added minute quotas for example X MB in the last Y min.
  • Fixed importing domain names that contained hyphens.
  • Added {STREAM_ADDR} tag that can be used in the notification templates.
  • Added a warning about using 'Any interface' scope in rules with bridging.
  • Fixed an error if a rule/stream was removed while displaying usage report.
  • Fixed quota rate notifications sent after a DB maintenance was performed.
  • Optimised log retrieval by filtering messages in the core rather than client.
  • Added reversed penalties that work as a boost temporarily raising bandwidth cap.
  • Significantly improved driver performance for high speed networks up to 1 Gbps.
  • Reduced memory usage in long run by purging expired DNS cache entries sooner.
  • Updated the DPI engine to support more protocols and newer database engine.
  • Added a way to copy stream and rule values from the main view.
  • Updated the drivers digital signatures to a more trusted provider (DigiCert).
  • Updated the underlying database engine to the latest version with optimisations.
  • Fixed bypassing some packets in low system memory state.
  • Fixed an error when Windows temporary folder was not available.
  • Added one day usage data retention period under DB maintenance.
  • Updated the DPI engine and a added a few new supported protocols.
  • Added web-templates to make the web-report page fully customisable.
  • Added web-files support to add graphics and other elements to the web-page.
  • Improved DB performance by using normal sync and manual WAL check-pointing.
  • Improved display of quota expiry info and fixed entering more than 24h in quota.
  • Updated network drivers fix a few minor issues and add Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Updated the DPI engine and added support of Vevo, Pandora and QUIC.
  • Added a couple of default IPv6 local address ranges in the LAN filter.
  • Fixed an interoperability issue between 32-bit GUI and 64-bit core.
  • Added custom header and footer for the web-report and made it HTML5 compliant.
  • Fixed a deadlock when database restore took a while and a race condition occured.
  • Added a new type of date-bound rule. Now a rule can become active for one day in a month.
  • Added quota boost support to allow users to have a temporary quota extension within a period.
  • Added notifications emailed when a quota boost is added to let the user know about the extension.
  • Added DPI based bandwidth throttling for users violating network policies.
  • Added quota expiry info and received/sent amounts in the web-report.
  • Added custom labels for received/sent data in both the UI and web-reports.
  • Added displaying user emails and notifications in main view (View - Columns).
  • Changed web-reports: for rules with a quota only output records for the period.
  • Added a warning when the LAN filter and bridging are used together.
  • Added Telegram and VHUA to the DPI engine; better detection of other protocols.
  • Fixed a driver issue with MTU on RAS connections and a WinGate compatibility issue.
  • Updated the underlying XML and SQLite engine for faster handling of large rulesets.
  • Added domain matching where a domain has multiple aliases.
  • Fixed issues with Cisco AnyConnect and certain USB modems.
  • Updated the DPI engine for more reliable detection.
  • Added several new protocols in DPI and improved protocol detection.
  • Added secure SMTP support to enable sending mail via SSL-enabled mail servers.
  • Fixed retaining selection and expansion between refreshes in GUI.
  • Fixed endless occurrences of 'connection reset by peer' error message in GUI.
  • Changed the number of internal buffers from 16 to 64 for better performance.
  • Changed service startup type to delayed (fixes bridge recreation after a restart).
  • Added sorting of group entries and search within group entries.
  • Fixed collapsing the tree upon refreshing the main view.
  • Fixed an issue with domain names filtering that led to a crash.
  • Fixed a few user interface issues in the management console.
  • Fixed not matching domain names in groups larger than 5 items.
  • Fixed not recording backward traffic via rules with an active port mapping.
  • Updated DNS parser now relies on Windows API for DNS decoding.
  • Updated the DPI module for heuristic detection of P2P and other protocols.
  • Fixed an issue with port mappings and redirects on systems with a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack.
  • Fixed erroneously displayed stream names in the global usage report in the management console.
  • Fixed refreshing settings shown in the management console after importing a DB file.
  • Fixed rules that applied on "not localhost and "not group" in inverted rules.
  • Fixed computations of hourly quotas that erroneously covered a day instead of an hour.
  • Added group cache to improve performance with large groups of IP addresses.
  • Added a column that shows when a rule/stream was last active and handled any traffic.
  • Added automatic firewall rule addition/removal for the bandwidth management service.
  • Added resetting stream usage in main view's popup menu when a stream is selected.
  • Added importing group entries from a local file and geo-location databases.
  • Updated sorting of streams by IP/MAC address (numeric order and open nodes don't collapse).
  • Updated the network drivers and underlying DB engine for better compatibility and performance.
  • Fixed triggering P2P and IP header rule conditions where non-IP traffic was received.
  • Fixed parsing certain types of DNS packets and added logging of bad DNS packets.
  • Fixed argument out of range and incorrect totals when expanding the global usage report multiple times.
  • Added enabling/disabling rules before and after a specific date for advanced scheduling.
  • Added sorting of quotas, schedules, mappings, notifications and groups.
  • Fixed entering a space in the search dialog in the management console.
  • Fixed crashing when the core failed to transmit a frame.
  • Fixed decoding uncompressed DNS labels that led to a random crash.
  • Fixed a licenсe checking issue that led to a crash when running for a long time.
  • Fixed Duplicated not allowed error when a DB maintenance was run.
  • Added domain names as a target in rules and groups (useful for blocking web-sites).
  • Added tunneling protocols support in the DPI module for detecting VPN and TOR.
  • Fixed creating streams in any-to-any rules that erroneously included host's own addresses in streams.
  • Fixed a deadlock with bridging that sometimes caused the software to hang.
  • Completely redesigned product with performance, stability and maintainability in mind.
  • Full IPv6 support and a native 64-bit version for newer systems.
  • Support of streams in rules (no need to create a rule for every IP/MAC address).
  • Improved performance to up to about 50 MB/s and lower CPU usage.
  • New Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) filter to block or prioritise certain services, including P2P.
  • Compatibility with the new systems such as Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.
  • Maximum queue size now can be configured on a per-rule basis.
  • Added a column showing used quota percentage.
  • Added missing check in the GUI. A quota defined with smooth decrease and dual volume limit, yet with single numeric initial and reduced transfer rates might have led to a crash.
  • New feature to penalize users for too many open connections in addition to penalties for long and/or large downloads.
  • Added dual transfer rate limit support. It is now possisble to specify different upstream/downstream rates in a single rule. Quotas also support dual limits.
  • Added basic e-mail notifications to alert users of their bandwidth consumption.
  • Easier integration of web-stats. Rule name and password can now be passed as CGI parameters (this is also used in notifications).
  • Setup installs more compatible NDIS IM driver on Windows XP x86 and Windows 2003 x86 rather than NDIS hooking driver.
  • Added suspended rules support to enable multi-level quotas. It is now also possible to implement 'you are blocked' web-page for clients who have used up their quotas.
  • Batch rule creator now can make multiple rules based on a list of MAC addresses.
  • Added option to enable/disable rules on a specific date.
  • Added automatic rule view refresh option.
  • Added total bandwidth display in the live report in status bar.
  • Added option to keep stats for the current month only.
  • Added kernel-level LAN traffic filter to enable fast local transfers with little CPU usage.
  • Added IPv6, ARP, PPPoE and ICMP echo protocols support
  • From May 01, 2009 unlimited free upgrades will no longer be offered. A licence will entitle the customer to recieve free upgrades within one year from the date of purchase. All customers purchased a licence before the 1st of May still receive all upgrades free of charge.
  • Added indefinite and hourly quotas.
  • Introduced combined transfer rate limits.
  • Added short packet flood penalty.
  • Added heavy uploads/downloads penalty.
  • Added user web-access to usage reports.
  • Redirection and port mapping now works with bridging (subject to proper IP settings on the bridge).
  • Improved Windows Vista/Server 2008 compatibility.
  • Numerous fixes and enhancements.
  • Fixed a problem with quota calculations.
  • Introduced data compression in communication protocol.
  • Added peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic detection.
  • Improved live bandwidth monitor.
  • Enhanced 'Reset Rules' command.
  • Added inverted rules support.
  • Added 'Total' column to the main display.
  • Added smooth quotas (quotas with gradual throughput decrease).
  • Added live bandwidth monitor.
  • Improved address groups.
  • Improved rule statistics.
  • Added custom weekly and monthly periods.
  • Added port mapping and redirection.
  • Added support for any IP-family protocols.
  • Number of supported network adapters increased to 256.
  • Improved quotas.
  • Added rule Drag & Drop support.
  • Added transparent Ethernet bridging.
  • Added groups of IP/MAC addresses.
  • Added received/sent columns to the main display.
  • Added new protocols AH/ESP, GRE, ICMP.
  • Improved bandwidth usage report.
  • Added timetables for bandwidth scheduling.
  • Added blocking rules.
  • Internal improvements.
  • Added rules based on MAC addresses.
  • Minor optimizations.
  • Added 'Enable/Disable All Rules' command.
  • Added advanced logging with event viewer.
  • Added quota manager.
  • Added daily usage statistics.
  • Internal queue size made customizable.
  • Added option for non-delayed TCP ACK frames processing.
  • Multiple rules creation within a single action.
  • 'Remove all rules' command added.
  • Fixed timing problem under Windows 2003 Server.
  • Initial release.