SoftPerfect RAM Disk Changelog

  • Improved: disabled contents indexing for NTFS volumes.
  • Removed: Windows 7 support and all 32-bit builds.
  • Added: macOS platform support.
  • Added: dark mode support for Windows.
  • Removed: obsolete interface translations.
  • Added: ARM64 platform support on Windows 11.
  • Improved: read/write performance for small files.
  • Improved: GUI optimisations, reduced installation package size.
  • Fixed: disk refused to mount if its image file was replaced by a larger image.
  • Fixed: image-based RAM disks could have inconsistent image data written on shutdown.
  • Fixed: read-only volume issue when saving to image.
  • Fixed: occasional incorrect parameter error pop-up.
  • Added: Windows 11 support.
  • Added: saving volatile RAM disks to an image file.
  • Fixed: boot-time disks did full image update instead of differential.
  • Fixed: occasional failure to mount boot-time disks with Hard Disk Emulation.
  • Fixed: saving to image for disks that were changed from being persistent to non-persistent.
  • Added: disk space gauge in the main view.
  • Added: custom cluster size support in command line parameters.
  • Improved: more reliable handling of system shutdown for writing image data.
  • Improved: more compact exFAT file allocation table for increasing available disk space.
  • Fixed: exFAT formatting for large disks with small clusters where FAT bitmap exceeded 64 bits.
  • Improved: new user interface languages and other minor enhancements.
  • Fixed: security issue with permissions when creating disk images.
  • Fixed: security issue with kernel memory pointer disclosure.
  • Improved: efficient image file on-disk storage based on sparse files.
  • Improved: instant image file creation regardless of its logical size.
  • Fixed: a rare crash when multiple image-based disks were defined.
  • Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
  • Added: NUMA-node parameter in the console edition.
  • Added: Windows Hybrid Boot detection and advice to turn it off.
  • Improved: up to 2x performance increase in multithreaded I/O.
  • Added: Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Fixed: ability to create disks over 4GB on Windows 10 RS5 (v1809) that was broken by Microsoft update.
  • Added: time of the last image file update in the main view.
  • Improved: alll graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Added: custom cluster size setting for file systems.
  • Fixed: RAM disk deletion error.
  • Fixed: issue with creating long nested folders.
  • Optimised memory allocation to reduce creation time for large disks.
  • Optimised memory zero filling to improve disk initialisation time.
  • Added exFAT support offering reduced overhead and better performance over NTFS.
  • Added nested folders support for boot-time RAM disks similar to logon-time ones.
  • Boot-time disks retain their mount state between reboots like logon-time disks.
  • Simplified update procedure: just install a newer version over and reboot.
  • Fixed a few issues when running under Driver Verifier.
  • Where possible use NX memory allocations for added security.
  • Added new EV digital signature and passed Microsoft driver certification.
  • Added compatibility with Device Guard on Windows 10 and Server 2016.
  • Added /rem and /hdd command line switches in the console version.
  • Fixed a stability issue when one or more system disks were dynamic.
  • Added console version to create on-demand RAM disks from a service or script.
  • Product is no longer free for home users: licence fee applies.
  • Fixed memory allocation in a specific NUMA node when requested.
  • Windows 2016 Server and Windows 10 Anniversary support.
  • Fixed a BSOD when a boot-time volume couldn't be mounted.
  • Fixed creating VHDX and similar files on HDD-emulated disks.
  • Added Windows 10 compatibility and fixed issues with the product.
  • Added executing *.bat and *.cmd files in automatically started apps.
  • Allowed to manually save data to image even when data persistence is off.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Fixed freezing on shutdown when using HDD emulation with an image.