SoftPerfect Network Search Engine Changelog

  • Added XLSX and DOCX to the file types searched as office documents.
  • Added a sort order option (file path, file name, file size) in both GUI and web-interface.
  • Fixed passing filters such as file date and file size to pages beyound the first result page.
  • Added an option in the GUI client to open files relative to a mapped drive.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness to the GUI client and admin console.
  • Added size filter and date in the web-interface as search criteria.
  • Added multiple server comma-separated support in the GUI client.
  • Fixed date formatting as in some cases the US date format was used.
  • Added 64-bit builds of all the executable files, including ISAPI and CGI binaries.
  • Added full Unicode support with case insensitive search for any language.
  • All application files and the installer are now digitally signed.
  • Improved performance with the updated underlying database engine.
  • Added a configurable max results per page parameter in the client application.
  • Added ARP (arping) as a discovery method since some computers might not respond to a regular ICMP request.
  • Fixed failure to display thousands of files due to a buffer overflow.
  • It is now possible to completely disable incremental crawls.
  • Fixed redundant hostname mistakenly added to folders shown in search results.
  • Files displayed in the GUI client can be open with a double-click.
  • Resolved connectivity issues where clients could not connect to the server running on Windows Vista/Seven.
  • The software is now freeware.
  • Initial release.