File System Notification Kit

Monitor file and folder activity

File System Notification Kit iconThe File System Notification Kit (FSNK) allows you to monitor file activity in real time. Your application will receive a notification whenever a folder is accessed or a file is read or modified. These notifications can be used for monitoring and auditing. For every operation, notifications contain a status code, user ID, path and metadata. Monitoring of shared folders and UNC paths is also supported.

Key features

  • Generates notifications for every file operation: create, open, read, write, move, link.
  • Monitors reads and changes of metadata, security info and attributes.
  • Works with all hard disk, CD and network file systems supported by the OS.
  • Supports both DOS-style and native file names.
  • Collects statistics and performance information.
  • Features built-in high-speed filters for including/excluding certain operations.
  • Offers a set of low-level I/O and file manipulation API functions.


Demo console application
Demo console application.
Product Info & Download

Latest version

1.0 (10 April 2014)


Supported platforms

Windows XP SP2 through Windows 8,
Windows Server 2003 through 2012

32-bit and 64-bit

Free demo version

Demo truncates the last 3 characters in captured file names

Download 32-bit demo

Installer, size: 713K

Download 64-bit demo

Installer, size: 722K

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