Packet size distribution

This tool monitors the flow of data through your network adapter. It displays a graph of the packet size distribution in the network:

Packet size distribution diagram

Toolbar buttons and their functions:

Reset the chart and the report Resets the chart and the report.
Process an existing session file Processes an existing session file.
Save the chart or the report to a file Saves the chart or the report to a file.
Process the current captured session Processes the current captured session.
Show/hide the chart or the report Shows/hides the chart or the report.
Sets MAC addresses filter

Sets a hardware (MAC addresses) filter. Available filter settings:

  • Promiscuous receives all packets passing through the device.
  • Owner All receives only packets intended for the device or sent from it.
  • Owner Received receives only packets intended for the selected device.
  • Broadcast accepts only broadcast packets.

Note: this filter applies to live captures only.

Change the global filter settings Changes the global filter settings.
Apply the global filter Applies the global filter (if configured).