Host activity

This part of the program monitors the flow of data through your network adapter. It displays a pie chart of the most active hosts in the network. There are four tabs in the Host Activity display. They show the most active TCP/IP senders and receivers and also the most active Ethernet devices:

Host activity diagram

Toolbar buttons and their functions:

Reset the chart and the report Resets the chart and the report.
Process an existing session file Processes an existing session file.
Save the chart or the report to a file Saves the chart or the report to a file.
Process the current captured session Processes the current captured session.
Show/hide the chart or the report Shows/hides the chart or the report.
Sets MAC addresses filter

Sets a hardware (MAC addresses) filter. Available filter settings:

  • Promiscuous receives all packets passing through the device.
  • Owner All receives only packets intended for the device or sent from it.
  • Owner Received receives only packets intended for the selected device.
  • Broadcast accepts only broadcast packets.

Note: this filter applies to live captures only.

Change the global filter settings Changes the global filter settings.
Apply the global filter Applies the global filter (if configured).
Rotate the chart left Rotates the chart to the left.
Rotate the chart right Rotates the chart to the right.