Packet builder

Packet Builder is a tool for constructing your own custom packets and sending them into the network. You could use this feature to check your network’s robustness against intruders or attacks.

You can use the hexadecimal editor to create a packet, or you can use one of the provided templates. Any changes are immediately displayed in the decoder window (in the left pane). This screenshot shows example of an ARP query under construction:

Example of an ARP query under construction

Toolbar buttons and their functions:

Create a packet Creates a packet from a template (ARP, UDP, etc.)
Change the size of the packet Changes the size of the packet.
Load the packet from a file Loads the packet from a file.
Save the current packet to a file Saves the current packet to a file.
Calculate the checksum of the packet Calculates the checksum of the packet (for IP, TCP and UDP).
Send the packet into the network Sends the packet into the network.