Data capture

The first step in analysing your network traffic is to capture a number of network packets. To start the data capture, click the Start Capture button on the main window, or choose Capture - Start Capture in the main menu.

Depending on the settings you have selected, all or some of the packets are then processed and presented as in the following screen shot:

Processed data packets

Packet decoder pane

Packet decoder displays the packet headers and data in an easily readable form. Right-click on this window to pop up a context menu. This menu allows you to expand or collapse the data tree and save it to a text file. It also has some node copy functions:

Packet decoder pane with its context menu

Session pane

Session pane shows a set of packets captured from the network. Right-click to open its context menu for sending selected packets to the network or copying the packets to the packet builder:

Session pane with context menu

Packet editor pane

Packet editor pane displays a selected packet. You can edit the packet and then send it back into the network:

Packet editor

Use the packet editor to modify the contents of a packet and perform the following functions:

Save packet Saves the packet to a file.
Change packet size Changes the size of a packet.
Update packet Updates the packet in the current session.
Send packet Sends the packet to the network. More about the packet sender
Change packet encoding Changes the packet encoding. The following code pages are supported: WIN, DOS8, ASCII, MAC, and EBCDIC/IBM.