Getting started

You can begin working with the software immediately after starting it. This is the first screen you see when the program starts:

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer main window
The main window

At the top of the window you can see the main menu, the toolbar and the network interface combo-box. The Start Capture button starts and stops data capture.

Here is a summary of the functions of each toolbar button:

New session Starts a new data capture session.
Open session Loads a previously recorded capture session.
Save session Saves the current capture session to a file.
Find packet Finds specific packets in the current session.
Address book Opens the address book. The address book provides a place to store information about network hosts for quick access.
Suspend output Suspends output. May be useful while capturing a heavy data flow.
Filter Filter options. Clicking on the arrow will open the menu which lets you save the filter for future use. More about filters
Options Opens the program settings window. More about settings and options
Assemble Reconstructs TCP packets from the current session into streams such as POP3 or HTTP. More about TCP session reconstruction
Traffic flow analysis Opens the traffic flow analysis window. More about traffic flow
Host activity analysis Opens the host activity analysis window. More about host activity
Protocol distribution analysis Opens the protocol distribution analysis window. More about protocol distribution
Manual Displays this manual.

You can use the three tabs to access the following program features:

Capture data packets Captures data packets transmitted through the network. More about data capture
Reconstruct TCP data packets into streams Reconstructs TCP data packets into streams. It then displays the data to be transferred via TCP packets. More about TCP session reconstruction
Packet builder The packet builder. This is where you can build your own custom data packet and send it into the network. More about the packet builder