General settings

The General settings window contains fundamental Network Search Engine settings.

General Settings - System user
General settings - System user

The Threads control is used to specify the number of parallel crawling threads for the indexer. This number depends on the speed of your server and network. A typical setting would be in the range from 5 to 50.

Another important option group is the Logon on as group. A valid logon credentials of a user with standard privileges or above are required by Windows so that system services will have the correct permissions to access the network. You can create a new Windows user specifically for Network Search Engine or you can enter your existing login and password into these fields. Your password will be stored securely. If you don’t know the domain or if your network does not use domains, leave the Domain field blank. As soon as you enter a valid user name and password, the service will perform a logon and, if successful, display the current logged on user:

General Settings - Interactive user
General settings - Interactive user