An efficient search engine is vital if the full potential of your medium-sized corporate network is to be realized. Ideally, you and your users should be able to find that important document or file almost instantly. We offer a free solution: a self-contained index-based network search engine that indexes all shared files in your local area network and provides users with the ability to locate the necessary files within a few seconds. It returns blazingly fast search results to your users, even when dealing with large numbers of shared files and folders.

The built-in web-server and database ensure trouble free deployment and configuration, while the web-based user interface enables users to enter intuitive search queries for all file types using a simple wild-card format via their favourite web browser. Our search engine will deliver enhanced performance to the users within minutes of deployment, with little to no training required.

The GUI based administration console provides access to a variety of powerful features and configuration options making it flexible enough to fulfil most needs. For example, files or folders can be selectively included or excluded from the database index while the index itself can be maintained using an incremental multi-threaded crawl mode consuming minimal network resources. Once initial indexing is complete, Network Search Engine will not introduce unnecessary network traffic.

If you already have a web server, such as IIS, installed, that’s fine. The SoftPerfect Network Search Engine will make use of third party ISAPI & CGI compliant servers with minimum configuration issues. In most cases, configuration simply consists of copying a group of supplied files to your web server folder.

Key features

  • Indexes all available shared folders or just those you selected.
  • Only indexes file names and folder names (no file contents).
  • Provides a built-in high-speed searchable database.
  • Accessible via web-interface and Windows GUI client.
  • Highly configurable using inclusive/exclusive file, folder and computer filters.
  • Convenient administration console.
  • Complete and incremental scheduled crawling modes.
  • Built-in database- and web-server with the ability to use third party web-server.
  • Separate ISAPI & CGI web-server modules supplied.