SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper Changelog

  • Added: dark theme support on Windows 10/11.
  • Improved: performance with large data sets.
  • Added: getting VLAN assignment on devices that only support dot1qVlanStaticTable.
  • Added: workaround for Juniper devices that do not follow the standard PortList definition.
  • Added: filter manager and editor.
  • Added: regular expression support in filters.
  • Added: saving recently used filters between sessions.
  • Improved: portable version can be shared over network.
  • Improved: scaling and appearance on HiDPI screeens.
  • Improved: filters with multiple conditions can be folded.
  • Improved: copying output rows respects user-defined column order.
  • Improved: list headings appearance on macOS, and M1 optimisation.
  • Fixed: failure to retrieve MAC addresses on switches with missing dot1dBasePortTable.
  • Added: support for filters with multiple conditions.
  • Added: copying switch credentials to router and vice versa.
  • Added: SNMPv3 credentials storage in device editor and discovery.
  • Added: column references and user prompts in applications.
  • Added: new menu for accessing a switch directly from results.
  • Added: hiding groups contents for large sets of devices.
  • Added: profile support in SNMPv3 discovery credentials.
  • Improved: mapping can now be run on a group of switches.
  • Added: port last-change status reporting.
  • Added: SNMPv3 support in device discovery.
  • Added: router and group assignment in discovery.
  • Added: err-disable status reporting for down ports.
  • Improved: switch name is now shown in a separate column.
  • Improved: selection of data to form device name in discovery.
  • Improved: better handling of certain access errors in SNMPv2.
  • Added: AES-192 and AES-256 ciphers support in SNMPv3.
  • Added: SNMPv3 context support in the console version.
  • Fixed: occasional division by zero error during SNMPv3 time sync.
  • Added: SNMP and mDNS as auxiliary host name resolution methods.
  • Added: mapping output can now be exported to JSON files.
  • Improved: SNMP retry count and timeout are now configurable.
  • Improved: SNMP response processing and compatibility with more devices.
  • Added: group management support for organising devices in groups.
  • Added: quick navigation via incremental search in device management.
  • Improved: macOS version stability and performance.
  • This release makes the product cross-platform. It is now available for Windows and macOS.
  • Improved: switch discovery and mapping speed.
  • Changed: updated the built-in IEEE vendors database.
  • Added: SNMPv3 device detection when running switch discovery.
  • Added: quick connect menu with apps from device manager.
  • Improved: all graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Changed: holding Shift when copying a column with multiple rows produces comma-separated values.
  • Added: IPv6 addresses support for processing data from routers.
  • Fixed: SNMPv3 interoperability with devices running old Linux kernels.
  • Fixed an issue with text strings contained a MAC address in binary.
  • Fixed showing duplicate strings in CDP and LLDP neighbour info.
  • Added UTF8 support for SNMP strings.
  • Fixed search not scrolling to found data.
  • Fixed showing "down" interfaces on some switches.
  • Added showing currently loaded or saved file name.
  • Adding device location from sysLocation to generated entry names during discovery.
  • Added resending SNMP requests and improved operation in networks with packet loss.
  • Improved operation cancellation by checking for it during obtaining SNMP tables.
  • Improved running requests against multiple devices by doing so in parallel.
  • Fixed 'Argument out of range' error that popped up on sorted data.
  • Fixed getting LLDP and CDP info accidentally broken in v2.0.4.
  • Added ability to scan multiple IP ranges for MAC-to-IP mapping.
  • Improved user interface in Windows version.
  • Updated built-in IEEE vendors database.
  • Added support for multiple switch queries at once.
  • Added detailed progress info in the status bar.
  • Updated built-in IEEE vendors database.
  • Fixed a few issues related to stopping and repeating a scan.
  • More reliable properties retrieval when showing device info.
  • Added a new column that displays allowed trunk VLANs.
  • Added getting MAC addresses from VLAN MIB instances.
  • Added Mark All/None to select devices in the discovery dialog.
  • Added Context Name support in SNMPv3 settings for a device.
  • Fixed high-speed port rate display as well as 64-bit counters.
  • Added MAC address database and history.
  • Updated built-in IEEE vendors database.
  • Added using NetBios when resolving MAC addresses and host names.
  • Added resolving IP address where MAC address is found in LLDP but IP address is not.
  • Added passing a custom address range in console version.
  • Added macOS version with licences interchangeable with the Windows version.
  • Updated built-in IEEE database and fixed minor issues with high DPI systems.
  • Added port Administrative Status retrieval.
  • Added sorting devices in the Device Manager.
  • Added saving device name when doing device discovery.
  • Fixed discovering devices in a custom IP address range.
  • Updated Ethernet NIC vendors database.
  • Added an option to specify the number of attempts when doing ARP sweep.
  • Added a dialog to specify a custom IP address range when doing ARP sweep.
  • Fixed broken sorting in the main view and few minor user interface issues.
  • Added retrieving aliases assigned to switch ports.
  • Updated Ethernet NIC vendors database.
  • Added pulling port mapping info from L3 switches.
  • Added worldwide licensing option for corporations.
  • Updated Ethernet NIC vendors database.
  • Added Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Updated Ethernet NIC vendors database.
  • Added /fullrow in the console version and an option in the GUI to allow repeating values in output.
  • Added respecting the column order and visibility when saving to a CSV/HTML file from the GUI.
  • Added respecting the column order when using the /column switch in the console version.
  • Added getting MAC addresses from port security configuration entries.
  • Added getting MAC addresses from port security authentication data.
  • Updated the MAC address vendor database.
  • Fixed VLAN detection for certain Cisco switches.
  • Added sorting MAC addresses per port in the output.
  • Added CDP and LLDP discovery for info about connected devices.
  • Added Connect to Router and Connect to Switch commands in device info.
  • Added the /switch and /router command line params to the GUI version.
  • Added the /column switch to the console version to restrict printable output.
  • Fixed reporting speed for 10 Gb and faster interfaces.
  • Fixed save/load of error and discard counters from XML files.
  • Added getting additional MAC addresses from dot1xAuthStatsTable.
  • Added getting VLANs configured on a switch and VLAN membership.
  • Added remembering last selected and used device in the GUI version.
  • Added command line switches /switch and /router to the GUI version.
  • Added a configuration setting to change the default tree font.
  • Fixed a search issue where invisible rows were not searched.
  • Added SNMP discovery tool for locating switches and routers.
  • Fixed a freeze and updated the MAC address vendor database.
  • Fixed reading SNMP from certain switches (stopping at the end of a MIB table).
  • Added network scanning for MAC-to-IP mappings to display IPs without a router.
  • Added switch and router information to every page of printouts.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.
  • Added sorting port names in a logical order (numerals as numbers).
  • Added printing of mapping reports; added on-line user manual.
  • Added comments for ports, MAC addresses and IP addresses.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a XML file after a successful scan.
  • Added querying Q-BRIDGE in addition to BRIDGE-MIB (better support for non-Cisco swicthes).
  • Added a Clone button to the device manager to facilitate switch/router database management.
  • Added getting duplex status from RAPID-CITY MIB for Nortel and other compatible switches.
  • Initial release of our new product.