SoftPerfect NetWorx (cross-platform) Changelog

  • Improved: search function in Netstat and overall performance.
  • Fixed: displaying the first day of the week in weekly report.
  • Fixed: notification area bar graph on macOS.
  • Fixed: Speed Test output on macOS.
  • Improved: HiDPI screen support.
  • Improved: macOS 64-bit build replaced legacy 32-bit build.
  • Improved: speed tests running on a schedule and past results are saved.
  • Fixed: notification area icon and several minor bugs on Linux and macOS.
  • Added notification mechanism similar to that in NetWorx for Windows.
  • Added automatic reports similar to those in NetWorx for Windows.
  • Fixed a crash when a connection had no IP address assigned.
  • Added a Custom report that allows to query usage between two dates.
  • Added access to the hidden settings as in the Windows version.
  • Initial release of NetWorx for macOS and Linux.