SoftPerfect NetWorx Changelog

  • Added: Click-through mode for semi-transparent graph.
  • Fixed: Speed meter stopped working due to the service provider switching to HTTPS.
  • Added: Global hotkeys support on Linux.
  • Added: Process usage monitoring on Linux.
  • Added: Choice of colorful and monochrome tray icons.
  • Improved: Network driver compatibility with other products.
  • Added: Session time in the session usage popup.
  • Improved: Per process data collection on macOS.
  • Improved: Ability for notifications to play audio files.
  • Improved: Locking the graph and dynamic tray icon on Linux.
  • Improved: Compatibility with various antivirus products on Windows.
  • Fixed: Positioning of the taskbar graph on a secondary monitor.
  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: Ping and downtime data exports.
  • Improved: Dark theme appearance on Windows.
  • Improved: Workaround for bogus SNMP I/O counters.
  • Improved: Automatic speed units start with Kb/KB.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Fixed: Double uptime and speed testing when multiple instances were running.
  • Fixed: an issue with speed testing caused by a change in backend infrastructure.
  • Fixed: erroneous graph spikes that were observed when monitoring apps.
  • Fixed: taskbar chart alignment on Windows 11 systems with touchscreen.
  • Added: lock window position button for the graph, which prevents graph movement and resizing.
  • Improved: on macOS, a separate process now ensures that the app does not terminate unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: month boundary calculation when the billing period begins on a date higher than the number of days in the current month.
  • Fixed: custom commands created by unprivileged users that could potentially allow them to start processes under an admin account.
  • Fixed: charting issues when the speed exceeded 4.2 Gbps (32-bit overflow).
  • Fixed: handling of the 32-bit counter rollover at speeds over 1 Gbps.
  • Added: speed units customisation setting.
  • Improved: monochrome menu bar labels and icon on macOS.
  • Improved: instant addition of recent usage to usage reports.
  • Improved: DEP and dynamic relocation support in Windows binaries.
  • Improved: excluded apps are removed from real-time graph.
  • Fixed: appearance on macOS with automatic system theme.
  • Fixed: potential crash when using Speed Meter.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph appearance on Windows.
  • Fixed: SNMP/UPnP monitoring on macOS.
  • Removed: multiplier setting.
  • Added: drill-down layout in all usage reports.
  • Added: transparency in taskbar and menu bar.
  • Added: process exclusion for VPN client apps.
  • Improved: display of used bandwidth share in all usage reports.
  • Improved: taskbar flicker reduction on some Windows machines.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph recreation if Windows Explorer crashes.
  • Fixed: numerous user interface fixes and enhancements.
  • Added: taskbar graph in Windows 11 and in portable editions.
  • Improved: network driver compatibility with other products.
  • Improved: UI enhancements throughout the app.
  • Improved: histogram tray icon graph.
  • Fixed: crash when tray icon graph was enabled with custom Y-scale set.
  • Added: transfer rates in macOS menu bar.
  • Added: data retention warning when deleting adapters.
  • Improved: custom-drawn quota display.
  • Fixed: data resetting when apps were monitored.
  • Fixed: incorrect tab title on Windows dark theme.
  • Fixed: overlapping names in per-computer chart.
  • Fixed: showing hour status when moving mouse.
  • Fixed: respecting rate order in graph process view.
  • Added: custom SNMP settings.
  • Added: on-mouse-hover notification area display.
  • Added: network adapter renaming.
  • Added: custom LAN ranges support.
  • Added: graph font settings.
  • Improved: notification area info made dynamically updated.
  • Improved: borderless graph made resizable.
  • Improved: adapter IP info shown in settings.
  • Improved: graph menu item moved out of submenu.
  • Fixed: taskbar extension size on HiDPI.
  • Fixed: importing from UTF-16 databases.
  • This version is a complete rewrite of the product aiming at future extensibility and multi-platform support.
  • Added: extensive macOS support.
  • Added: colour schemes and dark mode support.
  • Improved: uptime & downtime monitor.
  • Improved: multiple graph support.
  • Improved: graph shows active apps and chart.
  • Improved: simplified and refreshed user interface.
  • Removed: dial-up features, hourly report, traceroute, ping and most hidden settings.
  • Improved: new network infrastructure for speed tests.
  • Improved: application no longer depends on OpenSSL.
  • Updated: network filtering drivers.
  • Improved: speed meter automatically switches to a new server if the current one fails.
  • Improved: Windows notifications replaced with a custom window displayed upon click.
  • Improved: speed meter no longer depends on MSXML, which had issues on some systems.
  • Fixed: several bug fixes in network drivers for LAN traffic filtering.
  • Improved: optimised LAN traffic filtering to near-zero CPU usage even at high speeds.
  • Changed: removed WinPCap support due to its limitations and start-up issues on some systems.
  • Changed: removed IP address logging to achieve CPU-efficient traffic monitoring.
  • Improved: remembering the selected speed meter server between sessions.
  • Improved: retention of sorting order when refreshing apps or sites view.
  • Improved: automatically enabling desk band if it was selected in installer.
  • Updated: LAN traffic filtering drivers for better performance and compatibility.
  • Changed: Windows 7 is now the minimum required OS version.
  • Added: user prompt about removing all data during uninstallation.
  • Added: drill-down reports by IP address/by application and vice versa.
  • Added: sound and message notifications in the Connection Monitor.
  • Added: choice of the speed meter test server.
  • Updated: LAN traffic filtering driver.
  • Added: user input controls for time in Site and Application reports.
  • Added: double-click in most reports reveals per-application usage during the specified period.
  • Fixed: in multi-monitor setups, graph window jumping to a different monitor after another window was moved there.
  • Fixed: colour inconsistency between the usage graph and historical charts.
  • Fixed: upscaled appearance of the popup menu when the graph is shown.
  • Added: logging of location, IP address and ISP in automated speed tests.
  • Added: Speed Meter data export to HTML, CSV and text files.
  • Improved: Speed Meter reliability and compatibility with the latest Windows Server.
  • Improved: inclusion of Speed Meter's own data usage into reports in 'Ignore LAN traffic' mode.
  • Improved: displaying of downtime and uptime duration in Connection Monitor.
  • Fixed: Connection Monitor locking up when Internet connection drops out.
  • Added: Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Improved: reduced CPU usage when Ignore LAN Traffic setting is enabled.
  • Fixed: occasional speed meter errors in IPv6-enabled configurations.
  • Added: new hidden setting for transparent graph background.
  • Changed: updated network drivers for filtering out local traffic to fix issues with third party products.
  • Fixed: automatic check for updates that could run too frequently.
  • Fixed: an issue with graph position ocasionally not being saved.
  • Improved: frameless graph implementation to make it resizeable.
  • Changed: updated the included SQLite, OpenSSL and geo-IP database components.
  • Added: system tray notifications for connection monitor detections.
  • Improved: all graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Improved: standardised menus for single- and double-click actions.
  • Changed: updated and Microsoft-signed LAN traffic filtering drivers.
  • Added the OpenSSL library for sending secure e-mails with NetWorx.
  • Updated the LAN filtering drivers and WFP was made the default option.
  • Fixed not saving scheduled speed test settings upon restart on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a scheduled speed tests issue where a test did not complete in time.
  • Added docking of the graph to top or bottom of desktop in a reserved space.
  • Added a setting to specify sender e-mail address for outgoing e-mails.
  • Added scheduled speed testing to measure connection's speed regularly.
  • Added history of measurements to the Speed Meter and an easy to read chart.
  • Showing vertical axis at the beginning of the graph rather than the end of it.
  • Fixed saving graph visibility on Windows 10+
  • Fixed a memory leak when looking up geo-IP info in Netstat.
  • Fixed incorrect usage on the graph after waking up from sleep.
  • Added a hidden setting for tray graph activity threshold.
  • Added treating zero allowance under Quota as Unlimited.
  • Added saving bar chart height in per day, week, month and custom reports.
  • Added new graph type: average columns calculated over 5 seconds by default.
  • More accurate readings when using the Ignore LAN traffic mode.
  • Added a notification when report fails to run or sending email notification fails.
  • Added country flags from IP addresses in ping, trace route, netstat and web-site report.
  • Added environment variable support in CSV graph data file and custom database location.
  • Added writing to the Windows event log when connection goes off-line and back on-line.
  • Added high-resolution icons sized 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256 for high DPI screens.
  • Added ignoring LAN traffic in kernel when using NetFilter for faster LAN transfers.
  • Added text format in the automatic reports and a button to select target file.
  • Added per web-site report to track what Internet hosts used most data.
  • Fixed a painting issue with icons in Netstat and per application report.
  • Fixed a crash in per application report on certain 64-bit systems.
  • NetWorx is now commercial software. To facilitate its further development, we introduced a licence fee.
  • Added remembering height and width of the usage window.
  • Added attaching usage report when sending e-mail quota notifications.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in connection monitor and NetStat.
  • Fixed a few issues with high DPI systems.
  • Fixed showing messages about blocked Internet repeatedly.
  • Apps in automatic reports are sorted by usage rather than name.
  • Added graph time stamps displayed when minute ticks are enabled.
  • Portable versions are restricted to one instance from one location.
  • Minor UI enhancements, updated traffic filtering drivers and DB engine.
  • Added Reset Session command to reset the numbers recorded since boot.
  • Added drawing the graph's background bitmap in the desk band graph as well.
  • Fixed an uninstallation issue on Windows 10 where the driver was not removed.
  • Fixed a few minor UI issues when exploring past graph readings with arrow keys.
  • Added a workaround for picking-up UPnP devices whose UDN changes after a reboot.
  • Added per-application output in automatic HTML reports when Ignore LAN traffic is on.
  • Added showing average and maximum speeds together in the Speed Meter.
  • Added a hidden setting to write graph data to a CSV file for further analysis.
  • Fixed converting per application usage records from older databases.
  • Fixed doubling entries stored as a list when a backup was restored.
  • Fixed updating the options UI dialog when a backup was restored.
  • Added new Speed Meter with active connection throughput testing.
  • Fixed an error in UPnP router detection when malformed XML was received.
  • Fixed polling some routers whose UPnP module didn't support HTTP/1.0.
  • Fixed flicker when Session Usage Summary was shown on the graph.
  • Fixed recording apps usage during the hours marked as Unmetered.
  • Added graph smoothing with a moving average for a prettier graph.
  • Added a custom UPnP implementation that supports more routers.
  • Fixed an error message shown when Windows ran out of TEMP space.
  • Fixed sending sync broadcasts on PCs with more than one network card.
  • Fixed a few issues with exporting reports to a file from Usage Reports.
  • Updated SNMP implementation to minimise the number of requests.
  • Updated third-party TDI and WFP drivers to the latest version.
  • Added filter by date in Applications report and showing application names rather than paths.
  • Changed usage backup from XML to SQLite DB file and it now also includes program settings.
  • Changed the Netstat tool to a connection tree to enable real-time application monitoring.
  • Fixed monitoring apps that were monitored even if the selected network was unavailable.
  • Fixed a memory leak in connection tracking when the Ignore LAN option was used.
  • Fixed closing CSV and HTML files that stayed open when exporting a report.
  • Updated LAN traffic filtering drivers with latest compatibility fixes.
  • Added rounding to good-looking values in the usage report barchart.
  • Added hidden settings to show/hide dial-up and on/off-peak features.
  • Added a warning if DB is not writable or can't be created on disk.
  • Added dialog to allow to reset to a set value other than zero.
  • Minor bug fixes and improved Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Added Y-axis labels rounding to good-looking values on the graph, e.g. 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K.
  • Added logarithmic scale on the graph to enable showing very small and very large values together.
  • Added a monthly total in daily auto reports and HTML reports are sent inline, not as attachment.
  • Added SNMPv3 support for monitoring the router (see the hidden settings).
  • Fixed text overlapping in the bar chart and use the thousand separator by default.
  • Fixed initialisation of the UPnP router monitoring if it wasn't ready on startup.
  • Added automatic reports saved to a file or sent by e-mail.
  • Added a hidden setting for virtual adapters monitoring ignored by default.
  • Fixed firing off-peak notifications as they were sometimes not processed.
  • Fixed graph disappearance when clicking the desktop in Hide Graph on Full Screen.
  • Added Properties and Open File Location menu options in the application view.
  • Added experimental workaround for routers with incorrect UPnP implementation.
  • Added getting process name from the kernel for reliable application names reporting.
  • Updated languages, filter drivers, done numerous minor fixes and improvements.
  • Added graph line width setting in the hidden settings.
  • Fixed black rectangle artefacts in the application view.
  • Fixed the drop-down interface boxes in router setup.
  • Fixed the re-opening WinPCap when there is a capture issue.
  • Fixed the monitoring of all virtual network adapters.