SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro Changelog

  • Fixed initial window alignment on multimonitor desktops.
  • Added maximum depth folder recursion parameter.
  • Added dragging and dropping files to Windows explorer.
  • Added saving columns width and visibility.
  • Improved performance when folders are included/excluded from the search scope.
  • 64-bit executables are now available.
  • Improved export to CSV, XML and HTML so that it now respects file location display mode.
  • Fixed folder filtering that did not work correctly for folders like */something/*.
  • Fixed case-insensitive searching for non-English file names.
  • Fully reworked and fully Unicode-enabled release.
  • Various user interface improvements and performance enhancements.
  • Windows 98/ME and NT 4.0 are no longer supported.
  • Fixed premature search completion in the IP address range mode when a short range was entered.
  • Max number of threads used for IP address discovery raised to 1000.
  • Added /range command-line switch to enable searching IP address ranges.
  • Added extra settings for IP address discovery.
  • It is now possible to choose among three discovery methods (ICMP, ARP, NetBios).
  • Max number of threads and discovery timeout can be configured.
  • Discovered IP address can be resolved to user-friendly host names.
  • Search log made more verbose printing what folders are found and whether the application could search them.
  • Improved searching IP address ranges. It is made up to 50 times faster.
  • Fixed automatic export with the /export command-line parameter. It might have failed if %date% or %time% tokens were passed in the file name.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of files larger than 4 GB.
2009-02-218.3 Pro
  • Added loadable profiles. It is now possible to have multiple LAN Search Pro configurations called profiles.
  • Increased the search speed when looking in specific computers.
2009-02-108.2.1 Pro
  • Fixed an issue that led to incorrect settings saving in the portable build.
  • Added search by exact match. Now if the search term (file name) is quoted, the software looks for an exact match.
  • On-line version checking (automatic update) added.
  • LAN Search Pro is freeware from this date onwards. Portable version is also now available.
  • Completely reworked core to ensure stability. Redesigned user interface. A number of new and updated features.
  • Fully redesigned text search engine. Now it supports ANSI, Unicode and Utf-8 encodings.
  • Minor improvements to GUI and core.
  • Several internal optimizations and fixes. The version number was not changed.
  • Added searching on anonymous LAN FTP servers.
  • Command line suppot with several command-line switches added.
  • Added search log display.
  • Added working threads display.
  • Fully rewritten engine is stabler and faster.
  • Automatic hidden resources detection.
  • New password manager.
  • Export to XML, CSV and HTML formats.
  • New XP-style interface.
  • Search speed in the IP-range mode increased.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • LAN Search Pro is an advanced version of our LAN Search product. It has much more powerful search capabilities than its predecessor.
  • Faster data processing (loading, saving, sorting).
  • Support of large amounts of data. The result set can now contain up to 2 billion files.
  • Multi-threaded search. This feature provides the 5-10 times faster search compared to a single-threaded version.
  • Background file operations (copy & move).
  • New sorting capabilities.
  • New better algorithm in the 'Only these servers' mode.
  • Added Windows XP support.
  • Added batch script generation.
  • Fixed window resizing issues.
  • Added ignoring some computers in search across the LAN.
  • Added searching specific network folders.
  • Refreshed GUI.
  • Single-user licence price lowered to $27.
  • Added searching IP ranges/subnets.
  • Mulit-mask searching for several file types as a a time.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added searching hidden LAN resources.
  • Minor GUI changes
  • New help file in CHM format with usage examples.
  • Searching in specific domains or workgroups.
  • New result set storage format.
  • Fully rebuilt version 1.0. New engine and interface.
  • This version is trial-ware with a 30 day limit.
  • First published version.
  • For internal use only, never published.