SoftPerfect Print Inspector Changelog

  • All graphics and icons are now vector images and scale to any DPI on high-resolution displays.
  • Added showing quick totals when selecting rows in printing history.
  • Fixed updating page counts in recent jobs as they are processed.
  • Added an option to show printers with no jobs in reports grouped by printer.
  • Added secure e-mail support to enable sending e-mail alerts with TLS encryption.
  • Fixed passing certain characters in document names to the management console.
  • Added a limit on the number of rows displayed to optimise performance with a large DB.
  • Added compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.
  • Updated underlying DB and XML engines for better performance.
  • Added "All printers" in the printer list to show jobs and history for many printers at once.
  • Added the Priner name column to the History and Queue tabs for easier job identification.
  • Added remembering the size of all columns in History, Queue, Users, Computers and Combined.
  • Changed the service startup type to Delayed on Windows Vista and above.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues with the management console and sending mail.
  • Added automatic firewall rule addition/removal for the monitoring service.
  • Added option to display unfinished jobs in log.
  • Added number of colour and duplex jobs in group reports.
  • Updated the underlying SQLite database engine for more performance.
  • Added number of colour and duplex jobs in detailed reports.
  • Added scheduler and automated reports with delivery to email.
  • It's now possible to update printing costs on all printers at once.
  • Added an option to produce flat reports not grouped by printer.
  • Fixed recording stalled jobs that remain in the queue for extended periods of time.
  • Filter made persistent and it survives application restart.
  • Minor user interface improvements throughout the application.
  • Added a 64-bit build that is now installed on 64-bit systems.
  • Added a workaround to fix some jobs recorded as originating from an IP address rather than computer name.
  • Fixed recording some jobs as it could have failed with a database constraint violation message.
  • Currency display format made customisable (currency symbol, decimal separator and precision).
  • Fully reworked product from scratch. Some features have been added, some have been removed.
  • Fast and lightweight fully Unicode-enabled core. Now works well with any language.
  • New fast and reliable underlying data storage using SQLite instead of MS Access engine.
  • Product split into two independent components and can now be managed remotely over a network.
  • New feature to suspend newly queued jobs for manual/selective printing where required.
  • Added a new alert mechanism that allows you be notified or act on specifc printing event.
  • Added a filter that can be applied to displayed reports to obtain aggregated totals for a specific period of time.
  • Dropped support of use of external MS SQL server.
  • Dropped support of monitoring printers not attached to the computer where the software is installed on (did not work reliably).
  • Added dual database engine support (built-in MS Access database or an external MS SQL server).
  • Added built-in event log.
  • Added new reports.
  • Several minor improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed printing cost computation.
  • Added print paper size logging.
  • Completely redesigned release runs as a system service.
  • More printers are now supported.
  • Various user interface improvements.
  • Added totals for every summable column.
  • Automatic refresh on additon of new records.
  • Saving columns width and sorting order in reports.
  • Redesigned the Cleanup command.
  • Added a new reporting tool.
  • Added password protection to prevent unauthorised access to certain features.
  • Added a built-in notification mechanism.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Minor user interface changes.
  • A new database engine is used.
  • Added monetary printing cost calculation.
  • First published version of the product.