Our latest news, software releases and updates

4 September 2014

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v3.4.6

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Fixed freezing on shutdown when using HDD emulation with an image.

4 September 2014

Virtual Volume Software Development Kit v2.5.4

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Virtual CloneDrive.
  • Fixed freezing on shutdown when using HDD emulation with an image.
  • Fixed a security issue with creating encrypted image files.

21 August 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.12

  • Added automatic OUI.txt downloading and updating for NIC vendor lookup.
  • Added reading registry via WMI if the Remote Registry service is not available.
  • Added domain names displayed with user names in local group membership query.
  • Added detecting external IP address from LAN address detection dialog.
  • Fixed reading EDID monitor info via the Remote Registry service.
  • Fixed freeze when launched from a task scheduler via a batch file.

4 August 2014

SoftPerfect Print Inspector v7.0.6

  • Added "All printers" in the printer list to show jobs and history for many printers at once.
  • Added the Priner name column to the History and Queue tabs for easier job identification.
  • Added remembering the size of all columns in History, Queue, Users, Computers and Combined.

30 July 2014

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.0.8

  • Added domain matching where a domain has multiple aliases.
  • Fixed issues with Cisco AnyConnect and certain USB modems.
  • Updated the DPI engine for more reliable detection.

21 July 2014

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.5.4

  • Updated EULA to allow cloud-based installations for site license owners.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Cisco AnyConnect VPN, Yes Go 4G and Vodafone/HUAWEI USB modems.

27 June 2014

SoftPerfect Network Search Engine v2.0.3

  • Added XLSX and DOCX to the file types searched as office documents.
  • Added a sort order option (file path, file name, file size) in both GUI and web-interface.
  • Fixed passing filters such as file date and file size to pages beyound the first result page.

24 June 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.11

  • Fixed passing redundant quotes when using column name in user-prompted parameters.
  • Fixed quoting variables and already quoted strings passed to third party applications.
  • Fixed showing wrong glyph on Scan button under high DPI.
  • Fixed broken UDP based services detection (DNS, TFTP, NBNS, NTP).
  • Fixed showing any message boxes if launched without a visible desktop.
  • Added import/export of variables used with third party applications.

23 June 2014

SoftPerfect NetWorx v5.3.2

  • Fixed disabling Teredo where it was unnecessary for the TDI driver.
  • Fixed quota settings they are now protected too when a password is set.
  • Fixed quota and usage computations when a custom Time Zone Offset was used.
  • Added connection monitor Timeout and Retries variables to the hidden settings.
  • Added showing hints for hotkeys where long hotkey combinations did not fit.
  • Added computer name in subject and body of e-mails for easier identification.

9 June 2014

SoftPerfect Network Search Engine v2.0.2

  • Added an option in the GUI client to open files relative to a mapped drive.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness to the GUI client and admin console.
  • Added size filter and date in the web-interface as search criteria.

6 June 2014

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.0.7

  • Added several new protocols in DPI and improved protocol detection.
  • Added secure SMTP support to enable sending mail via SSL-enabled mail servers.
  • Fixed retaining selection and expansion between refreshes in GUI.
  • Fixed endless occurrences of 'connection reset by peer' error message in GUI.
  • Changed the number of internal buffers from 16 to 64 for better performance.
  • Changed service startup type to delayed (fixes bridge recreation after a restart).

8 May 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.10

  • Shutdown and powering off LAN computers made multi-threaded for faster operation.
  • Fixed reading info from the remote registry (local values were reported instead).
  • Fixed replacing ":" with "=" in default values for a user-prompted parameters.
  • Fixed transposing IP address octets when when importing old bookmarks.
  • Fixed duplicate MAC address detection (not all addresses were shown).

6 May 2014

SoftPerfect NetWorx v5.3.1

  • Added a hidden setting to disable TCP/UDP tracking in the Ignore LAN mode.
  • Added Mobile Broadband support for monitoring as all available connections.
  • Added showing units on the graph (configurable in the hidden settings).
  • Added email notifications for short-term conditions.
  • Fixed crashing if UPnP was not ready at startup.

10 April 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.9

  • Added advanced filter on share level in addition to device level.
  • Fixed loading share folder security information from a previously saved XML file.
  • Fixed checking for double-assignment for empty shortcuts in the settings.
  • Added comments for IP address ranges in the IP pane and the bookmarks.
  • Added the /merge command line switch to join output with a text file.
  • Added a scan for checking if a key exists in the Remote Registry.
  • Added copying a script to the clipboard in the batch file creator.
  • Added duplicate IP address discovery in the current subnet.
  • Added natural sorting order for strings that contain numbers.

10 April 2014

File System Notification Kit v1.0

  • Initial release of the File System Notification Kit.

5 April 2014

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.5.3

  • Fixed simulating rates under 1000 Bps on machines with a high-precision timer.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.

25 March 2014

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v1.0.3

  • Fixed reading SNMP from certain switches (stopping at the end of a MIB table).
  • Added network scanning for MAC-to-IP mappings to display IPs without a router.
  • Added switch and router information to every page of printouts.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.

7 March 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.8

  • Added regex parsing to the remote XML feature to parse HTML or any text output.
  • Added checking for duplicates in the WOL manager (duplicates are no longer allowed).
  • Added e-mail alerts in the live log to track joining and leaving devices.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.

5 March 2014

SoftPerfect NetWorx v5.3

  • Added application usage data in netstat showing each process actvity.
  • Added view scroll bar and a way to reset the connection uptime log.
  • Added e-mail notifications and blocking Internet access in the quota.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.

2 March 2014

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v1.0.4

  • Fixed a crash on Windows with a right-to-left system language.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.
  • Added e-mail notifications sent when unknown devices are found.

24 February 2014

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v5.5.7

  • Added multiselection for copying and deleting third-party applications.
  • Added reading EDID data via WMI and fixed reading it from the registry.
  • Added reordering IP address ranges with mouse drag and drop.
  • Added Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 into detected systems.
  • Added performance counters query for various live system data.

9 February 2014

SoftPerfect Network Search Engine v2.0.1

  • Added multiple server comma-separated support in the GUI client.
  • Fixed date formatting as in some cases the US date format was used.

8 February 2014

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v1.0.2

  • Added sorting port names in a logical order (numerals as numbers).
  • Added printing of mapping reports; added on-line user manual.
  • Added comments for ports, MAC addresses and IP addresses.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a XML file after a successful scan.

7 February 2014

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.5.2

  • Maximum latency that can be set increased from 5s to 60s.
  • Maximum shaping speed that can be set increased to 1000M.
  • Added maximum queue size option in the global settings.

4 February 2014

Virtual Volume Software Development Kit v2.5.3

  • Fixed the CPU max-out problem on image-based RAM disks.
  • Fixed a few NTFS formatting issues on Windows 8.1.
  • Added NUMA node preference for RAM disk memory allocation.