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Network Scanner icon SoftPerfect Network Scanner
Windows macOS Linux
From $29.00

A universal IPv4/IPv6 scanner that can ping computers, scan ports, discover shared folders and comes with flexible filtering and display options. It can retrieve practically any information about network devices via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH and PowerShell, and has many other features.

RAM Disk icon SoftPerfect RAM Disk
Windows macOS
From $29.00

A high-performance RAM disk application that lets you have a disk on your computer entirely stored in the memory. As the memory is much faster than physical drives, it is much more efficient to store temporary data on a fast in-memory disk. This achieves a higher performance and reduces strain put on HDD or SSD thus prolonging their life.

NetWorx icon SoftPerfect NetWorx
Windows macOS Linux
From $25.00

A simple yet versatile tool that helps you monitor your Internet connection. It can collect usage data, monitor connection quality and measure the speed of your Internet. You can monitor a local network adapter or your router, or track the applications on your computer that access the Internet. All that with historical usage data and real time supervision.

NetGenius icon SoftPerfect NetGenius
From $25.00

An easy to use tool for monitoring and controlling Internet usage of each application. Watch the apps using your Internet in real-time, set limits to their bandwidth, prioritise important applications, restrict less important programs, and block the ones you don't trust. Get detailed usage reports, optimise your data consumption, and achieve better privacy and security.

WiFi Guard icon SoftPerfect WiFi Guard
Windows macOS Linux
From $19.00

An essential tool for everyone running a small WiFi network and striving to keep it secure. It lets you know immediately if your network is used without your knowledge. As a specialised network scanner, it runs through your network at set intervals and alerts you if it has found any unrecognised connected devices that could possibly belong to an intruder.

Switch Port Mapper icon SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper
Windows macOS Linux
From $149.00

A network administration tool for troubleshooting network connectivity issues. It works with managed network switches and reports what is connected to switch ports, and which ports are not connected; lists the MAC address, IP address and host name of computers associated with every connected port. Additionally, it can display each client network card vendor, port speed, and the counters of erroneous and discarded frames.

Connection Emulator icon SoftPerfect Connection Emulator
From $199.00

A product aimed for network application developers, system administrators and network engineers. It imitates a network connection with a low bandwidth limit, delays, losses and other packet traversal issues to mimic a low-grade communication channel. With this software, you can test how well your application performs on a slow or long distance connection to ensure the quality of the product being developed or tested.

Bandwidth Manager icon SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager
From $49.00

A full-featured traffic management tool for Windows that offers cost-effective bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritised rules. These rules can specify a bandwidth limit for each Internet user. With SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager, you can apply speed-throttling rules to specified IP addresses, ports and even network interfaces with no changes to existing network infrastructure.

Connection Quality Monitor icon Connection Quality Monitor
From $49.00

A software package for monitoring the health of your Internet connection. It periodically checks whether the connection is online, performs speed tests, records ping time, jitter, downtime, and measured upload and download speeds. This information is presented in a chart, making it easy to spot any intermittent connection issues.

Cache Relocator icon SoftPerfect Cache Relocator

A free and easy-to-use utility for relocating your Internet browser cache. It is designed to work with a RAM disk application to help to speed up browsing, offload the hard disk drive, or prolong the lifespan of your SSD by moving the intensively used cache folder to computer RAM.


Welcome to the SoftPerfect website! We develop commercial and free software for home users and small to medium businesses, primarily focusing on network and system utilities.

Latest News

3 November 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.2

  • Added: User-configurable toolbar.
  • Added: Column grouping for enhanced main view organisation.
  • Added: Splitting of multi-value cells into rows in CSV and TXT exports.
  • Added: Direct access to multi-value column entries in device properties.
  • Added: New PowerShell, SSH and WQL editors with highlighting and execution features.
  • Improved: Multi-value cells are now marked with an icon for quick recognition.
  • Improved: Double-click functionality on multi-value cells for viewing contents as a list.

10 October 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.1.8

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: ARM64 architecture support.
  • Added: Search functionality within settings.
  • Added: Geolocation capabilities for public IP addresses.
  • Improved: Extended error information for failed WMI logins.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Improved: Access to bookmarks and dynamic menu items in the navigator.

19 September 2023

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.4

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: Ping and downtime data exports.
  • Improved: Dark theme appearance on Windows.
  • Improved: Workaround for bogus SNMP I/O counters.
  • Improved: Automatic speed units start with Kb/KB.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Fixed: Double uptime and speed testing when multiple instances were running.

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