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Product Type of licence Bonus:
Free updates & support
Pricing details and Order form
Single device Site licence
Bandwidth Manager From US $49 From US $500 1 year Choose a licence
Connection Emulator From US $199 From US $1450 1 year Choose a licence
Print Inspector US $149 US $1000 1 year Choose a licence
Switch Port Mapper US $149 US $1000 1 year Choose a licence
RAM Disk US $29 US $1000 1 year Choose a licence
Network Scanner US $29 US $1000 1 year Choose a licence
NetWorx US $29.00
US $19.00
US $1000 1 year Choose a licence

What is the difference between the licence types?

Online ordering

Your order will be processed by PayPro, a leading e-commerce company specialising in selling software. The order form is located on a secure server and all transactions are processed via the SSL protocol ensuring that your private data remains safe and confidential. We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal, along with a few alternative payment options. Once your order is processed, you will immediately receive an e-mail with a licence key.

Refund policy

We provide trial versions of all our software so our customers can evaluate and test the software before making a purchase. Due to the expenses involved in payment processing we therefore do not provide refunds unless there is a technical problem with our software that cannot be resolved. If you have a technical issue please contact us for further assistance.

SoftPerfect Online Store

We provide trial copies of all our commercial software for immediate download. Some products have infinite trial period with functional limitations, and some are fully-functional trial copies with a 30-day evaluation period.

If you like our software and wish to remove the limitations or continue to use it beyond the trial period, you need to purchase a licence. Once your order is processed, we immediately email you a licence key.

Licence & Update Policy

All SoftPerfect licences are valid indefinitely (lifetime) for the software product version they were purchased for. In addition, our customers get free updates and technical support for one year from the date of the purchase. After that, updates and support are available at half-price for any additional year.

Available Discounts

Students, faculty and staff members of accredited colleges, universities and other educational institutions are eligible to purchase our software with a discount of 50%. Non-profit organisations and public libraries may also be eligible for the discount. Please use the discount request page before placing your order.

Information for Resellers

We work with resellers from all around the world and offer our Reseller Program to those interested in distributing any of our software products. If you have any questions regarding reselling, feel free to contact us.