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Older software versions

We always publish only the latest versions of our software on our web-site. This is done to eliminate confusion and avoid the situations when users encounter bugs and report issues that have already been fixed in the newer versions of the product. It also ensures the best compatibility of the software with the latest operating system updates.

To make sure the users are aware and prepared, licence key emails come with the note that we do not keep old versions of our software. Users can choose to continue using an older version of the software at their discretion, but if they do, they must backup and keep copies of all the files necessary for future use.

There are third-party sites, such as, that host older versions of various software, however our guarantees of software safety and integrity do not cover any third-party sites, nor do we provide support for any software downloaded from other sites. If you choose to download an application from a third-party site, you should at the very least check its digital signature to guard yourself against malicious, fake or modified applications.

You also have a safer and more beneficial option: take advantage of the licence renewal discount, which every buyer of a SoftPerfect product licence is entitled to, and which gives you access to the latest product versions.

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