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Why the licence key doesn't work with the new version

All licences are valid indefinitely (lifetime) for the software version they were purchased for, and come with one year of free updates.

This means that the licence key will always work with the software version it was purchased for or any version released within one year from the moment of the purchase, but it will not work with the software versions released after one year from the moment of the purchase.

If you plan to use an older version beyond the free update period, please ensure you have a backup of the program files. Only the latest version of each product is available for download from this site.

If you decide to renew your licence, we offer a 50% discount on the ordinary licence price. It is the same discount for the second, third, or any other year. If you skip a year or more, that's okay. Basically, each time you renew the licence, it gives you another year of updates at a discounted price. The renewal can be purchased at any time.

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