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Antivirus reports malware in a SoftPerfect product

Why it happens: From time to time, we receive messages from our concerned users saying that their antivirus found a malware in one of our products. This is a common issue, and it is called a false po...

How to update a software product to a new version

Generally, any our software product can be updated by downloading its latest version and installing it over the existing installation. If it is a commercial product that you have a licence for, check...

Why the licence key doesn't work with the new version

All licences are valid indefinitely (lifetime) for the software version they were purchased for, and come with one year of free updates. This means that the licence key will always work with the soft...

Difference between portable and installer editions

Some of our software products are offered in two editions: portable and installed. Portable application is just an executable file. It can be placed in a folder on your computer, a USB flash drive ...

Stars or asterisks *** instead of device information

If you see lines of asterisks *** in the output as shown below, it means you are using a free demo version, which only displays a limited number of devices. Devices beyond the free limit are displayed...

Installing OpenSSL to enable sending secure emails

Several of our products rely on a third-party package called OpenSSL. Many Windows installations include it, but some do not. When there is no OpenSSL, our software simply disables its ability to send...

Configuring mail-sending for a Gmail account

While our software can send mail using any suitable SMTP server, many users choose Gmail. The recommended settings for Gmail are: SMTP server: User name: <your