Our latest news, software releases and updates

4 July 2024

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.2.2

  • Added: Quick WMI class/property search.
  • Added: Additional MAC address display formats.
  • Added: Master password and configuration encryption support.
  • Improved: Multiple windows that contain lists are now resizable.
  • Improved: Remote time is now displayed in the local time zone instead of UTC.

3 June 2024

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.7

  • Added: Click-through mode for semi-transparent graph.
  • Fixed: Speed meter stopped working due to the service provider switching to HTTPS.

29 April 2024

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.6

  • Added: Global hotkeys support on Linux.
  • Added: Process usage monitoring on Linux.
  • Added: Choice of colorful and monochrome tray icons.
  • Improved: Network driver compatibility with other products.

5 March 2024

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.2.1

  • Added: Enhanced device recognition through online queries.
  • Added: Instant multi-value matching filter implemented as regex.
  • Improved: Shorter timeouts for FTP probing, host name resolution, and WMI.
  • Improved: Retention of host names post-IP conversion.
  • Improved: WQL editor shows sample WMI data for root namespaces and children.
  • Improved: Main window title now shows current user's admin status.
  • Fixed: Issue with assigning friendly names for multiple keys.

27 February 2024

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v3.1.9

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: Enhanced device recognition through online queries.
  • Improved: Warnings for non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Fixed: Issue with retrieving LLDP/VLAN information on certain switches.
  • Fixed: Trimming of output to remove invisible characters.

21 February 2024

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.2.3

  • Added: Enhanced device recognition through online queries.
  • Improved: Opening the web browser upon double-clicking the web icon for devices with web interfaces.
  • Fixed: Launching auto-scan before the main window is displayed.
  • Fixed: Partial MAC address matching.

14 February 2024

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.5

  • Added: Session time in the session usage popup.
  • Improved: Per process data collection on macOS.
  • Improved: Ability for notifications to play audio files.
  • Improved: Locking the graph and dynamic tray icon on Linux.
  • Improved: Compatibility with various antivirus products on Windows.
  • Fixed: Positioning of the taskbar graph on a secondary monitor.

3 November 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.2

  • Added: User-configurable toolbar.
  • Added: Column grouping for enhanced main view organisation.
  • Added: Splitting of multi-value cells into rows in CSV and TXT exports.
  • Added: Direct access to multi-value column entries in device properties.
  • Added: New PowerShell, SSH and WQL editors with highlighting and execution features.
  • Improved: Multi-value cells are now marked with an icon for quick recognition.
  • Improved: Double-click functionality on multi-value cells for viewing contents as a list.

10 October 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.1.8

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: ARM64 architecture support.
  • Added: Search functionality within settings.
  • Added: Geolocation capabilities for public IP addresses.
  • Improved: Extended error information for failed WMI logins.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Improved: Access to bookmarks and dynamic menu items in the navigator.

19 September 2023

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.4

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: Ping and downtime data exports.
  • Improved: Dark theme appearance on Windows.
  • Improved: Workaround for bogus SNMP I/O counters.
  • Improved: Automatic speed units start with Kb/KB.
  • Improved: Warnings about non-writable locations in portable Windows builds.
  • Fixed: Double uptime and speed testing when multiple instances were running.

14 September 2023

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.2.2

  • Added: Linux support.
  • Added: Detection of web UI on network devices.
  • Improved: Performance with large sets of devices.
  • Fixed: Occasional duplicate devices shown in main view.
  • Fixed: Occasional wrong MAC addresses from ARP cache.

19 June 2023

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v3.1.8

  • Added: Support for lldpXdot1LocVlanNameTable for VLAN info.
  • Added: Support for Windows systems on ARM64 CPUs.
  • Improved: Dark Mode appearance on Windows.

30 May 2023

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.2.1

  • Added: Instant detection of new devices via system ARP cache.
  • Added: Configurable data retention setting for purging outdated info.
  • Added: Support for Windows systems on ARM64 CPUs.
  • Added: Custom 'Email Sender' field in SMTP settings.
  • Improved: Database journal changed from WAL to DELETE mode for a better cloud sync.
  • Improved: Dark Mode appearance on Windows.

19 May 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.1.7

  • Added: scan progress bar for each IP address.
  • Added: pending operation time in device properties.
  • Improved: dark mode appearance on Windows.
  • Fixed: sorting by remote time.

19 April 2023

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.4.1

  • Improved: disabled contents indexing for NTFS volumes.
  • Removed: Windows 7 support and all 32-bit builds.

4 April 2023

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.3

  • Fixed: an issue with speed testing caused by a change in backend infrastructure.
  • Fixed: erroneous graph spikes that were observed when monitoring apps.
  • Fixed: taskbar chart alignment on Windows 11 systems with touchscreen.

6 March 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.1.6

  • Added: users can now link associated data, such as device location and asset tag, to MAC or IP addresses for aiding in tracking and management.
  • Improved: import of previously exported data now offers a choice to merge with, append to, or replace existing data.
  • Improved: several minor user interface elements have been redesigned to enhance the user experience and streamline the workflow.

6 March 2023

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.2

  • Added: lock window position button for the graph, which prevents graph movement and resizing.
  • Improved: on macOS, a separate process now ensures that the app does not terminate unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: month boundary calculation when the billing period begins on a date higher than the number of days in the current month.
  • Fixed: custom commands created by unprivileged users that could potentially allow them to start processes under an admin account.
  • Fixed: charting issues when the speed exceeded 4.2 Gbps (32-bit overflow).
  • Fixed: handling of the 32-bit counter rollover at speeds over 1 Gbps.

3 March 2023

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.4

  • Added: macOS platform support.
  • Added: dark mode support for Windows.
  • Removed: obsolete interface translations.

14 February 2023

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v3.1.7

  • Added: support for VLAN names from the entLogicalTable MIB (Aruba and Huawei models).
  • Added: support for VLAN membership from the ieee8021QBridgeVlanStaticEntry MIB (Aruba and HPE models).
  • Improved: dot1qTpFdbTable in now fetched before dot1dTpFdbTable during MAC-address collection from all VLANs.
  • Improved: EXE files are now dynamically based and compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP).
  • Improved: support for VLAN configuration via vlanTagPortMemberAdd with TP-Link devices.
  • Improved: optimised network scanning for faster performance during discovery and mapping.

5 January 2023

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator v1.7

  • Added: Skype, Telegram, Pale Moon, Waterfox and LibreWolf support.
  • Added: profile support for Chromium-based browsers.

5 January 2023

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v8.1.5

  • Added: custom regular expression patterns for matching and highlighting the data displayed in columns.
  • Added: the ability to set and clear custom row highlighting for faster distinguishing of important information displayed in rows.
  • Added: credentials tags for efficient identification and use of saved credentials in scripts and external applications.
  • Improved: redesigned credential manager, with added columns and sorting functionality.
  • Improved: EXE files are now dynamically based, which ensures their compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP).
  • Fixed: index of bounds error and subsequent crash that occurred at re-scanning of a single column.
  • Fixed: incorrect MAC addresses that were displayed when scanning external subnets.

6 December 2022

SoftPerfect NetWorx v7.1.1

  • Added: speed units customisation setting.
  • Improved: monochrome menu bar labels and icon on macOS.
  • Improved: instant addition of recent usage to usage reports.
  • Improved: DEP and dynamic relocation support in Windows binaries.
  • Improved: excluded apps are removed from real-time graph.
  • Fixed: appearance on macOS with automatic system theme.
  • Fixed: potential crash when using Speed Meter.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph appearance on Windows.
  • Fixed: SNMP/UPnP monitoring on macOS.
  • Removed: multiplier setting.

1 November 2022

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.2.0

  • Added: instant detection of new devices joining the network.
  • Removed: obsolete interface translations.

31 October 2022

SoftPerfect NetGenius v1.1.2

  • Improved: taskbar flicker reduction on some Windows machines.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph recreation if Windows Explorer crashes.
  • Fixed: taskbar graph positioning on Windows 10/11 22H2.