Our latest news, software releases and updates

8 May 2018

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.11

  • Fixed SNMPv3 interoperability with certain devices running old Linux kernels.
  • Added IPv6 addresses support when processing data from routers.

16 April 2018

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.0.6

  • Added custom cluster size setting for file systems.
  • Fixed an error when deleting a RAM disk.
  • Fixed an issue with creating long nested folders.

12 April 2018

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.2.6

  • Added automatic change-check and reload of the database if it was modified.
  • Added strict validation of parameters passed to the drivers for enhanced security.
  • Fixed Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) task offload issue in the network drivers.

12 April 2018

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.7.9

  • In XML config the cardindex parameter can now contain interface index or name.
  • Added strict validation of parameters passed to the drivers for enhanced security.
  • Fixed Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) task offload issue in the network drivers.

6 April 2018

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.0.2

  • Added IP address information in activity display.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to execute non-valid EXE file.

23 March 2018

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.10

  • Fixed an issue with text strings contained a MAC address in binary.
  • Fixed showing duplicate strings in CDP and LLDP neighbour info.

23 March 2018

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.0.5

  • Optimised memory allocation to reduce creation time for large disks.
  • Optimised memory zero filling to improve disk initialisation time.

16 March 2018

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.7.8

  • Fixed an issue with writing pre-processing and post-processing capture files.

26 February 2018

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.1.4

  • Fixed a startup error when non-English user interface was selected.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a config with higher than standard column count.

22 February 2018

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.9

  • Added UTF8 support for SNMP strings.
  • Fixed search not scrolling to found data.
  • Fixed showing "down" interfaces on some switches.
  • Added showing currently loaded or saved file name.

8 February 2018

SoftPerfect Browser Cache Relocator v1.0

  • Initial release.

1 February 2018

SoftPerfect Print Inspector v7.0.9

  • Added an option to show printers with no jobs in reports grouped by printer.
  • Added secure e-mail support to enable sending e-mail alerts with TLS encryption.

29 January 2018

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.1.3

  • Added UI languages: French, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish.

26 January 2018

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard v2.0.1

  • Added the OpenSSL library for secure e-mails.
  • Updated built-in SQLite database engine.
  • Updated MAC address vendor database.

22 January 2018

SoftPerfect NetWorx v6.1.1

  • Added the OpenSSL library for sending secure e-mails with NetWorx.
  • Updated the LAN filtering drivers and WFP was made the default option.
  • Fixed not saving scheduled speed test settings upon restart on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a scheduled speed tests issue where a test did not complete in time.

17 January 2018

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.8

  • Adding device location from sysLocation to generated entry names during discovery.
  • Added resending SNMP requests and improved operation in networks with packet loss.
  • Improved operation cancellation by checking for it during obtaining SNMP tables.
  • Improved running requests against multiple devices by doing so in parallel.
  • Fixed 'Argument out of range' error that popped up on sorted data.

10 January 2018

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.2.5

  • Added time to the dates that define when a rule is active.
  • Added custom beginning of week and month for each quota.
  • Updated included copy of OpenSSL for improved security.

1 January 2018

SoftPerfect NetWorx v6.1

  • Added docking of the graph to top or bottom of desktop in a reserved space.
  • Added a setting to specify sender e-mail address for outgoing e-mails.
  • Added scheduled speed testing to measure connection's speed regularly.
  • Added history of measurements to the Speed Meter and an easy to read chart.
  • Showing vertical axis at the beginning of the graph rather than the end of it.

19 December 2017

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.7.7

  • Added Bit Error Rate and Bit Error Ratio parameters in corrupted packet emulation.

1 December 2017

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.7.6

  • Added command line support to update configuration on the fly.
  • Added command line support to terminate emulation at any time.

27 November 2017

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.1.2

  • Fixed a software exception on Windows XP.
  • Added displaying Time to live (TTL) for ping.

20 November 2017

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.1.1

  • Added filter management with favourite filters.
  • Added an option to lookup NetBIOS names only.
  • Added UI languages: German, Czech, Chinese, Japanese.
  • In console mode show UI messages and prompts in the console.

30 October 2017

SoftPerfect NetWorx v6.0.4

  • Fixed saving graph visibility on Windows 10+
  • Fixed a memory leak when looking up geo-IP info in Netstat.
  • Fixed incorrect usage on the graph after waking up from sleep.

23 October 2017

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.1

  • Fixed occasional "Cannot register tab" error.
  • Added synchronous I/O cancellation for faster thread stopping.
  • Added multilingual user interface support (more languages to come).

12 October 2017

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.0.4

  • Added exFAT support offering reduced overhead and better performance over NTFS.
  • Added nested folders support for boot-time RAM disks similar to logon-time ones.
  • Boot-time disks retain their mount state between reboots like logon-time disks.
  • Simplified update procedure: just install a newer version over and reboot.