Our latest news, software releases and updates

20 January 2017

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.2

  • Added MAC address database and history.
  • Updated built-in IEEE vendors database.

6 January 2017

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.2.1

  • Added automatic service restart if a critical error occurs.
  • Added ability for the service to use a custom port via a registry setting.
  • Fixed initial sorting in the Global Usage Report to descending.
  • Updated underlying database engine SQLite to the latest version.

5 January 2017

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0.1

  • Added using NetBios when resolving MAC addresses and host names.
  • Added resolving IP address where MAC address is found in LLDP but IP address is not.
  • Added passing a custom address range in console version.

3 January 2017

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.0.2

  • Fixed showing tree context menu when the key was used instead of mouse.
  • Fixed choosing visible columns in Scan Comparison with reordered columns.
  • Enhanced Visible Columns dialog to show formatting and reorder multiple columns
  • Enhanced public IP address detection to obtain both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Added showing highest IP address for input in CIDR notation.
  • Added copy command in Detect Address dialog.
  • Added entering scan information from a string.

1 January 2017

SoftPerfect NetWorx v6.0

  • NetWorx is now commercial software. To facilitate its further development, we introduced a licence fee.
  • Added remembering height and width of the usage window.
  • Added attaching usage report when sending e-mail quota notifications.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in connection monitor and NetStat.
  • Fixed a few issues with high DPI systems.

30 November 2016

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v2.0

  • Added macOS version with licences interchangeable with the Windows version.
  • Updated built-in IEEE database and fixed minor issues with high DPI systems.

28 November 2016

SoftPerfect NetWorx (cross-platform) v1.0.1

  • Added access to the hidden settings as in the Windows version.

28 November 2016

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.2.0

  • Added the {RULE_NAME} tag in e-mail notifications.
  • Added deleting more than one group entry at once.
  • Added setting fixed prefixes for rates and volumes.
  • Added colour settings for one-way and inactive rules.
  • Added minute quotas for example X MB in the last Y min.
  • Fixed importing domain names that contained hyphens.

24 November 2016

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.0.1

  • Added Remote Scripting - execute VBScript against remote devices.
  • Added default items for uptime in Remote Performance and WMI.
  • Minor user interface fixes for systems with high DPI screens.

10 November 2016

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v7.0

  • The Network Scanner is now commercial software. To facilitate its further development, we introduced a licence fee.
  • Added viewing and saving discarded lines to a file during IP address import.
  • Added automatic caching of successful logins to speed-up scanning.
  • Added preview and customisable filters for Active Directory import.

5 November 2016

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v4.0

  • Product is no longer free for home users: licence fee applies.
  • Fixed memory allocation in a specific NUMA node when requested.

20 October 2016

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager v3.1.8

  • Added {STREAM_ADDR} tag that can be used in the notification templates.
  • Added a warning about using 'Any interface' scope in rules with bridging.
  • Fixed an error if a rule/stream was removed while displaying usage report.
  • Fixed quota rate notifications sent after a DB maintenance was performed.
  • Optimised log retrieval by filtering messages in the core rather than client.

18 October 2016

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v6.2.1

  • Added passing PowerShell scripts as Base-64 to wrap DOS-unfriendly symbols.
  • Added new expressions "Less than" and "Greater than" to the filter conditions.
  • Added conditional column highlighting if a row value meets a specific criterion.
  • Added a list of disregarded account names in User and Group Membership queries.

13 October 2016

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v6.2

  • Added a simple Yes/No test for file or folder existence in Remote Files.
  • Added large toolbar and menu icons for systems with screen DPI of 192 or more.
  • Fixed an issue with saving columns order as in some cases they weren't remembered.

13 October 2016

SoftPerfect NetWorx (cross-platform) v1.0

  • Initial release of NetWorx for macOS and Linux.

10 October 2016

SoftPerfect Print Inspector v7.0.8

  • Fixed passing certain characters in document names to the management console.
  • Added a limit on the number of rows displayed to optimise performance with a large DB.

10 October 2016

SoftPerfect World Route v1.0

  • Initial release of our enhanced routing utility with a world map.

10 October 2016

SoftPerfect File Access Monitor v1.0.2

  • This software is now freeware.

2 October 2016

SoftPerfect RAM Disk v3.4.8

  • Windows 2016 Server and Windows 10 Anniversary support.
  • Fixed a BSOD when a boot-time volume couldn't be mounted.
  • Fixed creating VHDX and similar files on HDD-emulated disks.

23 September 2016

SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit v1.0.2

  • This product is now freeware.
  • Added portable builds to packages.

20 September 2016

SoftPerfect NetWorx v5.5.5

  • Fixed showing messages about blocked Internet repeatedly.
  • Apps in automatic reports are sorted by usage rather than name.
  • Added graph time stamps displayed when minute ticks are enabled.
  • Portable versions are restricted to one instance from one location.
  • Minor UI enhancements, updated traffic filtering drivers and DB engine.

4 September 2016

SoftPerfect Network Scanner v6.1.9

  • Added create/modify/access time retrieval in Remote Files.
  • Added getting host names from a DNS server for offline nodes.
  • Fixed quoting variables if those are used within quotes already.
  • Fixed the tab key to go through filters in addition to IP editors.

31 August 2016

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v1.0.15

  • Added port Administrative Status retrieval.
  • Added sorting devices in the Device Manager.
  • Added saving device name when doing device discovery.

2 August 2016

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator v1.7.2

  • Added configurable loss bursts to enable losing multiple packets at a time.
  • Added emulation visualisation chart showing applied latency and other effects.

19 July 2016

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper v1.0.14

  • Fixed discovering devices in a custom IP address range.
  • Updated Ethernet NIC vendors database.