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Licence life span and available update period

All purchased licences are valid indefinitely (lifetime), and come with one year of free updates. This means that the licence key will work perpetually with any version released within one year from the date of purchase.

There are no subscription fees. You don't need to pay extra for further use unless you want to update to the versions released after the included 1-year period. Extended updates can be purchased at a discounted price together with the licence.

If you decide to renew your licence, we offer renewals with a discount too. The renewal can be purchased at any time after your licence has expired.

Please note that we do not keep old versions of our software. If you intend to continue using an older version of the software, make sure you download and keep copies of all the necessary files before they become unavailable.

The release dates of all latest versions can be found via the Changelog link on each product page.

Update period options

At the time of purchase you can choose from the following update options:

  • 1 year: free, comes with every licence. You can indefinitely use any new version released within a year of the purchase.
  • 3 years: includes the free year, plus two additional years at a discounted price. You can indefinitely use any new version released within three years of the purchase.
  • Unlimited: you can indefinitely use any new version ever released.

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