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Activation: how to enter the licence key

After you purchased a licence for one of our software products, the licence key is sent to the email address you specified in the order form. This licence key is the only thing you need for activation that will turn a trial version into a full version of the software product. No Internet connection or contacting us is required. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Order Confirmation email. The licence key looks like a few lines or various letters and numbers located between two markers:

    ------ KEY BEGIN KEY ------
    a few lines of the licence key
    ------ KEY END KEY ------

  2. Copy the whole key, together with the BEGIN and END markers.
  3. Depending on the software you purchased, either open Help menu or About window, and then click Enter Licence Key.
    • For NetWorx software, right-click NetWorx icon in the Windows notification area to open the pop-up menu, go to the NetWorx menu item, and then click Enter Licence Key.
    • For WiFi Guard software, make sure you are clicking the Help menu item at the very top of the application window, not the Help button.
  4. Paste the key into the empty field and click OK.

It is important that you copy and paste the key. Do not type it in manually — it is easy to make an error.

If you recently made a purchase and have not received the licence key by email, please check this article.

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