Suggestion: Implementation of an automatic WOL-command in WOL-Manager

Started by Gerald

Dear Andrew,
Thank for this great tool, I really like it.
I would like to ask for an additional option in the WOL-Manager: My aim is linking Network Scanner to AutoStart, so it should starts by oneself. In the next step WOL-Manager should start all the hardware(s) which is/are listed. Maybe with the possibility to select which hardware should start with some delay.
So, all for the daily business needed hardware-components should start which are distributed at the LAN.

Maybe you could implement in the main userinterface-list a column "WOL-status" which shows indicators: not started, waking up and awaked. Or use the IP Address-column with some additional icons. It´s the precondition that the scan starts also automatically, of course.

Thanks and best regards from Austria.
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Re: Suggestion: Implementation of an automatic WOL-command in WOL-Manager   08 October 2015, 20:52

I think this is pretty specific task in your business. I would suggest to use the /wakeall command line parameter, i.e. netscan.exe /wakeall.

Then you could have a delay for a couple of minutes for everything to start and then engage NS to scan.
Hi Andrew,
I was able to write a script starting netscan.exe /wakeall. smile
One question: Is there a command line parameter to start with scanning automatically?

My aim would be to begin with netscan.exe /wakeall and continue after a while with scanning to see the progress.

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Re: Suggestion: Implementation of an automatic WOL-command in WOL-Manager   09 December 2015, 21:40

Hi Gerald,

There's a number of switches that can be used to run a scan and the key switch is /auto. Please see at the bottom of the user manual for a full list of the switches.

Note that you can't combine /wakeall and any other switch, so what you could do is to run them sequentially, i.e.
  1. netscan.exe /wakeall
  2. wait for a while
  3. netscan.exe /auto ...
I got it. Here, finally the script in English language, pls excuse if some mistakes are in:

title Wake On LAN Starts Followed by Network Scan V02
rem Autor: Gerald M.
REM "DELAY" is the time (in seconds) which needs from wakeall-command till start scanning-command.
REM Usually it is the time the slowest device takes time to start.
mode con lines=20 cols=78
cd \
cd Program Files (x86)\NetScan64
start netscan.exe /wakeall
echo Wake On Lan is going to start.
echo %DELAY% Seconds is the typical time to start the %DEVICE%,
echo countdown is running:
timeout /T %DELAY% /nobreak
echo %DEVICE% should be ready now.
echo An automatic netware scan will follow.
echo Have fun!
@ping -n 5 localhost> nul
start netscan.exe /auto

All the best

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