After using ZipInstaller, getting "Cannot create file oui.txt Access is denied"

Started by sjtsnix

I normally install Network Scanner by using a program called "zipinstaller" from nirsoft []

Description from it's website:
The ZipInstaller utility installs and uninstalls applications and utilities that do not provide an internal installation program. It automatically extracts all files from the Zip file, copies them to the destination folder you select, creates shortcuts in the start menu and in your desktop, and adds an uninstall module to allow you to automatically remove the software in the future.

I download the file, extract it, go to the 64-bit Folder, where netscan.exe resides, and right click, zip that file into Then, on any system that I have ZipInstaller Installed, I can right click on the zip file, and install the program (for reasons unknown, I can't use zipinstaller on a zip file that resides anywhere but on the local file system)

Zipinstaller defaults to placing the program in C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\
(The issue I am having occurs here, or if I place it in C:\Program Files\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\)

Once Softperfect Network Scanner is installed, and I go to run the first scan, Network (after having enabled "Lookup network card vendor" under Options: Additional), I am prompted to download the "MAC address database", I click "OK" on that dialog box, SoftPerfect starts the download, and when ready to save the oui.txt file, I get the following error:
Cannot create file "C:\Program Files\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\oui.txt" Access is denied

I am aware this is probably not Network Scanner's issue or fault, due to the fact that I am installing this in the manner that I am. My question is, is there a means to allow Network Scanner access to the path I have installed in? Or, is there a way to download this file elsewhere, and then point Network Scanner to that path (like I can do with saving/loading a configuration file?)

Thank you,
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Re: After using ZipInstaller, getting "Cannot create file oui.txt Access is denied"   23 November 2015, 14:07

What you are doing is fundamentally a bad idea: placing software without installers under C:\Program Files\. This is because software without installers, including the Network Scanner, are usually portable apps. The Network Scanner stores its work data and configuration in the same folder it was launched from. As you may know, the main idea of portable software is to keep everything in one folder.

Now, the problem is that C:\Program Files\ is a write-protected directory, which requires administrative privileges to create files in it. This is a security measure in Windows design, which works well with regular installable applications. Those apps keep their data in a location designated for this purpose. Portable apps however always try to create files in their current folder and this fails when this folder is within Program Files.

I would suggest to create a separate folder for apps that you install with ZipInstaller, e.g. C:\MyPortableApps, and copy Network Scanner and other apps there. Alternatively you can permit writing to C:\Program Files, but that may compromise the security of your system.

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