Netscan did not find the router

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Netscan did not find the router   24 January 2016, 09:39


I have probably found a bug in netscan 64. Please have a look on theses screenshots:

SoftPerfect support forum

SoftPerfect support forum

SoftPerfect support forum

On one of the screenshots the range is 192.168,0,1 to he find not
If I set the range to 192.168,1,1 to he find the (the router).

The config is ... is the router (and 13) is an access point with 2 IP numbers the rest are network computers.

Netscan does not find a d-link access point who is in the list of available w-lan devices of windows 8.1 this accespoint has probably a ip number in the segment "0" (windows browsers can not access devices in an other segment, but Windows shows w-lan devices in other segments as available).

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Re: Netscan did not find the router   25 January 2016, 21:56

Could you please check with Wireshark if it sends ICMP echo to and receives any response when it's not displayed?

Here is an example, just change the filter to the address in question

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Re: Netscan did not find the router   26 January 2016, 16:27


Please note that if you are scanning less than 15 minutes apart, your router may be looking at this as an attack and will stop responding to pings from your address or to any address for a while (5 to 15 minutes). I have seen this on many devices as security has been increased over the years. I have also experienced this with anti-virus software computers: one ping works, the next does not.

Here is a test: Open a command prompt and ping the router (i.e. {leave the window open}, then use NetScan with the and see what happens. If the router is missing then in the open command prompt window ping the router again if it replies and NetScan did NOT then you may have found something. If you cannot ping from the command prompt window, then the device is blocking you for some set amount of time. -WS

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