Feature request: Live Display

Started by john8oy

Feature request: Live Display   06 April 2016, 20:23

I really like the Live Display feature, and I'm aware of the log view. I think it could be enhanced in a few ways.

* In the scan view, grey out hosts as they go offline, in addition to adding the new hosts in bold, and re-bold hosts if the come back on
* Also, have a live display column output showing Failed count (great for diagnostics on flaky networks, could be used to identify a faulty switch for example)
* Have the option to speed up the probing process. (Currently it's quite slow compared to a normal full scan)

Many thanks as always for a great utility.

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Re: Feature request: Live Display   06 April 2016, 21:50

It sounds reasonable, but there are a few issues as well:
  • If we re-bold the devices that previously had gone off-line and came back on, it will make it impossible to tell apart newly appeared devices from those re-connected. I guess I could make it an option, but the primary reason for highlighting new devices is to allow the user to review them.
  • This may not be so useful as the time to complete a full rescan round is indeterminate. Let's say there may be a count, but time-wise we'd have no idea how long the host has been off-line. A better idea may be to add a column that shows how long a specific device has been on-line or off-line.
  • In the current design we can't make it multi-threaded, but you can speed up things a little by using a lower ping timeout.

Re: Feature request: Live Display   07 April 2016, 19:26

Good points andrew.

* Agree drop re-bolding idea, and just remove the greyed when host re-appears? If there were some kind of column it could show that change.

* Yes an uptime / downtime column would be very useful, but also a count for how many times the state has changed?

* Thats cool, I'll have a play with the ping timeouts.

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