WMI scanning with Domain Admin Credentials

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WMI scanning with Domain Admin Credentials   13 August 2016, 07:23

I am scanning my local LAN, trying to do Remote WMI Scanning. I'm not clear how I should be entering my credentials.

My environment is a simple LAN, with a dozen windows 10 computers and a Win2008Server Domain Controller. We have a domain admin account and then regular user accounts.

I have entered the domain admin user in the credentials manager in the following formats (Passwords in password field):

Are any of these correct?

When I try these permutations, running the network scanner as an unprivileged user, I get WMI scan information from the domain controller and the local machine, but "Failed to connect or log in" errors from the regular workstations. My thinking is that the credentials are not working correctly.

To troubleshoot some more, I ran Network Scanner as the domain admin user (via Run as Administrator), and used the "Use Current Account" under Remote WMI scan. When I do this, I get WMI Scan info from the domain controller and local machine, but now the error I get from the workstations is "The RPC Server is unavailable."

I checked that the RPC service is running on all of the machines. I guess this could be some kind of firewall issue on the remote computers, maybe? They are not running anything exotic beyond the built-in Windows10 firewall.
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Re: WMI scanning with Domain Admin Credentials   13 August 2016, 11:33

According to Microsoft's documentation the user name can go as username, or username\domain or username@domain.

It's likely to be a firewall issue, which you can test with wbemtest. Please see this article about testing WMI connectivity.

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