Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent

Started by Rob E

Rob E

Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent   25 January 2018, 00:20

Hello.. I have been using Network Scanner for about a year now and really like it. The latest versions work quite well. I would like to have a feature added if its not too much trouble.

I find that scanning across a VPN takes a long time, and in some cases not all info is populated. I have trouble with the remote service scan on the VPN. I am looking for the Kaspersky Agent, known as klnagent. If I search for it on the LAN directly, it works fine; but if I search for it over the VPN, no go. If this is not possible, I would like to be able to scan for a particular UDP port, Kaspersky Agent listens on 15000 UDP.
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Re: Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent   25 January 2018, 12:39

I guess there can be quite a few reasons why certain scans don't work, for example:
  • There is a packet loss in the VPN link.
  • There is a firewall on the VPN server.
  • The VPN connection is slow, which causes time-outs.

We have done a bit of research and unfortunately scanning for 15000 UDP would not work. Even though klnagent listens to this port, it does not send any responses to any packets arriving at it. It looks like the Kaspersky product uses this port as a way to force klnagent to connect to the administration server, but the UDP port itself is used unidirectionally.

Considering this, if WMI is available to you, I would recommend trying to run something like this:
SELECT Caption FROM Win32_Process WHERE NAME = "klnagent.exe"

This can be done under Options - Remote WMI. Other ways may be checking for a registry key, running service, or a file in the file system that is used by the Kaspersky Agent.

Hope this helps.
Rob E

Re: Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent   25 January 2018, 13:59

Hi Andrew. Thanks for the quick response. I will give the WMI suggestion a try.

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