Bridge mode for VMware Windows 8

Started by rocket777

Bridge mode for VMware Windows 8   22 July 2019, 10:31

I have a VMware (player 7.1.1) virtual machine running Windows 8.0 inside it. The host is Win 10 1803.

For quite a while, it worked in bridge mode, and would get an IP address on my LAN. But lately, and I don't know what has changed other than updates of the Windows 10 host, I resume it or even shut it down and restart it and Win 8 complains that it has no IP address. Once in maybe 10 reboots of both host and VM, it will work.

I can see using the network scanner that it is not talking. I can run it in nat mode, but I prefer it to get its own IP address, so my router can tell it from the host for counters and access control. I have a pretty much run of mill router, a tplink TL-WR841N.

Can anyone advise me how I might use this program to determine what is going on?

Also, I downloaded the portable version. I've run it on the host. Am I permitted to run this inside the VM also? Might that help figure out what is going on? Is the installed version any different in capability?


Re: Bridge mode for VMware Windows 8   22 July 2019, 12:33

Found it by trial and error.

It seems that after I had installed wireshark on the host, VMware was setting the bridge to use the npcap loopback adapter. My other VMs didn't have that checked off, and worked in bridge mode, so I just tried the same for it. And it works, now the Network Scanner sees this VM. ok, yes, thumb up
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Re: Bridge mode for VMware Windows 8   22 July 2019, 12:37

That's great - I am glad it's all working now.

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