UPnP device discovery

Started by rmpf2


UPnP device discovery   17 October 2020, 03:07


Is there any possibility to export the information obtained from the UPnP device's pop-up windows? Right now there's just two buttons, one for closing and the other one for refreshing. Is it possible to add an export button, to take the info for latter analysis or just to have a report?

And a quick filter?
Alternatives to browse or open from there?
Alternatives to do an in-depth analysis over an existing entry or take the results to do a new scan to obtain more info?
Maybe a copy alternative? Right now there is no right-click menu option available.

The same goes for the DHCP Server and Duplicate IP addresses - at least the copy or export feature.

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Re: UPnP Devices Discovery   18 October 2020, 20:43

Sure, we will add a quick filter and copy/export to both DHCP and UPnP discovery.

At the moment we're updating the codebase to compile the Network Scanner for both Windows and macOS. The good news is that there will also be a macOS version nearly identical to the Windows version (minus Windows-only features like WMI, VBScript and PowerShell).

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