How to get IPv6 address of a remote workstation

Started by T.D.


How to get IPv6 address of a remote workstation   17 February 2022, 10:47

When I choose the option to resolve IPv6 addresses it will only show the IPv6 address of the machine that I'm scanning from.
How do I get the IPv6 address of a remote workstation?
The scan does show IPv4, MAC and host name of remote workstations.
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Re: How to get IPv6 address of a remote workstation   17 February 2022, 10:51

IPv6 address lookup works like this:
  1. Network Scanner sends a multicast ICMP echo message to ff02::1 (all nodes on the local network segment).
  2. Network Scanner awaits for a few seconds for the local nodes to respond. This populates the neighbor cache with devices IPv6 addresses and MAC addresses.
  3. A regular scan is performed, and once an IPv4 device is found, its MAC address is used to lookup its IPv6 address.

It might be that you are scanning a non-local subnet where the nodes would not respond. I recommend checking the output of the following command launched in a command prompt:
netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors
It will show how many IPv6 and MAC address mappings are detected on the network interface, so you can see whether your devices are there or not.

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