NIC vendor lookup - MAC address database is missing

Started by Jason

Hi, I run an old version of Network Scanner v7.1.6 on Windows 11. When I enable "Lookup network card vendor" and start a scan, I get this warning:

In order to lookup NIC vendors, a MAC address database is required. Do you want to download it now?

and then an error that the source is not available:

The system cannot locate the source specified.

I have also tried running this software in administrator mode, but the result is the same.

We used to run this under Windows 7 where it worked, so I'm not sure if the issue is on our side or your side where it goes to get the database.
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Re: NIC vendor lookup - MAC address database is missing   07 March 2024, 11:14

It looks like the URL used in that version for downloading the data from is no longer valid.

To resolve this, you can download the data manually and save this file next to the default configuration file netscan.xml.

For the installed edition of Network Scanner, it is usually located in
C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\
and for the portable edition it should be in the location where you placed the application file.

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