Bluescreen when restarting

Started by Orestis Tanis

Orestis Tanis

Bluescreen when restarting   04 January 2013, 00:04


i am using your Ram disk software for a month now. I am very happy with the responsiveness of my computer, but i keep getting a bluescreen when restarting. I have to enter safe mode and define a swap drive for the computer to boot up normally. Using version 3.3.3 on Win7 64bit

System specs:
Asus Px79
Intel i7 3820
64gig Ram (32Gb Ram Drive (Temporary Internet Files, TMP/TEMP folder and SwapFile)
Kingston V200+ system drive + 4 2TB Seagate Drives
AMD Radeon 6870
RME Fireface 400

Bluescreen   04 January 2013, 05:49

Hey Orestes,

I have the same problem. I just learned out SoftPerfect RAM DISK yesterday, and eagerly installed it. The benchmarks show it's much faster than my ImDisk ramdrive.

But now I get those bluescreens at boot up too, and Windows asks if I want to repair the operating system. I say no, and continue to boot, and the following time it works.

I think it might be related to the driver, vv.sys I think. In my ntbtlog.txt, it says it failed to load the vv.sys driver. This might be because I installed SoftPerfect to a folder on a separate harddrive (not the one my OS resides on). I'm trying to figure it out.

I copied vv.sys to the Windows\System32 folder. Will see the computer boots normally, without the BSOD, next time. At work now.

Bluescreen   04 January 2013, 08:53

I've been having the same issue for about a month or so on Windows 7 and 8 (both x64).

If you can get into safemode and run regedit, my solution is to delete any entries under this registry key:


Reboot normally and in SoftPerfect Ram Disk, recreate the disk(s) using the Disk>Add... menu. I personally check "For Current User Only" but I don't think it matters, you just don't want to create a disk that mounts at boot which is what the green + does.

I hope they fix this soon!

Bluescreen   07 January 2013, 06:22

I just started playing with this today. I have W7 Pro 64 bit, all real drives are SSD.

I created an image file on my G: drive, named RAMdiskE.svi, formatted as NTFS,
I created a ramdisk, named RAMdiskE, as my E: drive, mounted at Boot as Removable and with Save Contents to Image ticked.

I copied a file to E:, modified it, saved it, created a shortcut to the file in E: on my desktop and then Restarted my system.

There were no problems, I clicked the shortcut, the file opened, I saw the modifications had been saved properly.

The image is only 1 GB, more than enough for what I need for my frequently modified spreadsheets.


Bluescreen   07 January 2013, 14:56


why on earth are you putting your pagefile on a ramdisk? Since you have enough RAM to be able to do that, simply turn off the pagefile alltogether (keep a small one on your boot partition if you need crash memory dump).
Orestis Tanis

Bluescreen   07 January 2013, 19:21

Hello Snemarch,

i wanted to turn off the pagefile, but i found out that many of the programs i daily use do not work without a pagefile, or even with a smaller one.

Bluescreen   08 January 2013, 07:13

That sounds insane, given the amount of RAM you have in the machine :-s. Care to drop a few product names? I've been running with pagefile disabled ever since I got 1gig back on XP (that first WinNT where it was possible to actually disable it - Win2k would cheat and create a small pagefile at boottime). Haven't had any problems, and I run everything from virtual machines to development environments.

I'd still suggest not putting the pagefile on ramdisk if that means you can reduce ramdisk size (and thus free up more working memory for your applications). Fire up perfmon.msc and see if you actually get any pagefile activity under normal use - if not, it's not such a big waste leaving a stale couple-gigabytes file on a mechanical HDD smile

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